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Loperamide Hydrochloride: Buy Loperamide Hydrochloride (Imodium)2 mg 100 tablets (Brand Name) $38.00. This medicine is an antiperistaltic agent used to treat diarrhea. - Buy Loperamide Hydrochloride (Imodium)2 mg 100 tablets (Brand Name) $38.00. This medicine is an antiperistaltic agent used to treat diarrhea.


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  • Positively speaking "Positively speaking" - Oat-Free Flax GranolaCan someone share where they found a OAT-FREE Flax Granola???? My health food store does not carry it. Plus, I do not see where they get 2000 calories from the 3 day fast. This book makes sooo much sense. SO many of us are extremely good with our diet and exercise. I for one have ALWAYS worked out and have ALWAYS watched what I eat. HOWEVER, since I turned 40 18 years ago, I no longer can loose weight. If I eat 1000 calories and work out lifting and running, in one month I may loose 2 pounds, then if I go off the diet for a day it is back. I pray this change in WHAT I eat will be a long term solution and not another one of the diets I have tried.
  • Mustapha - Beautiful!I confidently pre-ordered this because i know it's going to be a 'wow!' And guess what...? I was RIGHT!

    Windows 8 brings a totally different experience and i'm glad i've upgraded. But what i noticed is that Microsoft is silently moving towards tablets and touch screens with this new experience.
  • Tony Seliski - Good Book and I recommend another alsoThis is a good book. It has a list and guidance for every medical school in the country. I used it with conjunction with another book avaliable at admissionsmystery. com, that book has great strategy advice on medical school admissions. This book has very accurate numbers combined in one source.
  • Kevin Rourke "Kevin R" - Honey, put down the chainsaw!...that's what my girlfriend said to me the day our Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer arrived.

    Some say it's an art form. I say it's simply the right tool for the job. Slicing bananas with my Black & Decker 20V MAX chainsaw got the job done every day. Don't get me wrong, it took a lot of skill, and cleaning up was a thing, but there's nothing like having freshly sliced bananas on my morning oatmeal to start the day. With my Black & Decker, I went through a lot of bamboo cutting boards, however; I found the cross-laminate construction completely inadequate to withstand the cutting action of the chainsaw, which is why I give a one-star review to Totally Bamboo elsewhere on Amazon. (In my own defense, sawing the Formica countertop in half was caused by an unripe banana; I felt I needed to lean in--lesson learned.)

    Today I use a Hutzler 571 and to my utter surprise it does the job quite well. It won't fell a North American Hardwood tree, but it will slice a banana. I just wish my girlfriend told me about the Hutzler before I lost a leg cutting another unripe banana.
  • Patz "Patricia Dollar" - Highly RecommendedBefore buying a new vacuum or almost anything else for that matter, I ALWAYS read Amazon's reviews. Although I did not purchase here I am thrilled to now own this vacuum. There are two negative points that appear over and over in reviews. 1) The small cup which has to be emptied more frequently than other brands and 2) The fact that the vacuum head is smaller than most. I feel that these negative points are minor in relation to the overall performance of this vacuum. As an example I was sitting at my computer barefooted and suddenly felt stinging bites on my feet. I looked down to see they were covered with tiny ants. I immediately brushed off the critters, put on my shoes and pulled out the Navigator. Since vacuuming the carpet in that room and emptying the cup, I have not since seen or felt one ant in my house. Now that's a vacuum worth the money - hands down!