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  • Mark Montgomery "Mark" - Works with various operating systemsThere are already so many good and exhaustive reviews for this external hard drive, so I'll keep this brief and to the point...

    My experience so far has been that it works great with Windows 8, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint operating systems. Samsung Chromebook was also able to read and write to it with no problem.

    Here are the benchmarks when it's plugged into my desktop computer:
    Average Sequential Read Speed via USB 3.0: 168.6MBps
    Average Sequential Write Speed via USB 3.0: 138.7MBps
    Average Sequential Read Speed via USB 2.0: 25.83MBps
    Average Sequential Write Speed via USB 2.0: 25.42MBps

    Approximate length of included USB 3.0 interface cable: 116 centimeters; or 46.5 inches
    Approximate length of included power adapter/cord: 180 centimeters; or 72 inches

    This external hard drive is very quiet. In fact, unless you literally put your ear right up to it, it's almost inaudible. I haven't measured the exact temperature it usually runs at, but it never feels very hot to the touch, even when you're reading or writing 1080p video with it.

    Update 30 June 2013: Be aware, for what it's worth, that the top-rated Amazon review (Most Helpful Customer Review) of this external hard drive, posted by Douglas B. Moran on 29 June 2012, does not necessarily apply to model STBV3000100/SRD00F2. Admittedly, I am just an amature at analyzing and benchmarking products such as this one. I'm just an airplane mechanic who sometimes does this in my spare time because it can be amazingly interesting. Mr. Moran has obviously been incredibly thorough in his review of at least one particular 2TB Seagate drive. However, my experience with the 3TB drive over the last few days has been totally different than what Mr. Moran describes in his review.
  • Lilac Lily - There is a CureWith "Healing Psoriasis" Dr. Pagano has created a book of hope for any sufferer of this disfiguring disease. The medical community isn't interested in finding a cure, and insists that, in fact, there is no cure at all for Psoriasis. Their only solution, is to prescribe creams that treat the problem topically, but mostly without lasting results.

    Here is where Pagano comes in. He offers a drug-free alternative. And it makes perfect sense (to me at least). In his book he describes a treatment plan for Psoriasis, that he has come up with after researching, and healing the disease for over 40 years.

    This isn't one of those books that promises an easy cure. If you want to get rid of Psoriasis, you have to make some drastic lifestyle changes. One of the key elements in this treatment is diet. You will have to avoid a lot of your favorites. Only then can your body heal from the inside out.

    The author is very good at breaking down all of the required steps, into small and manageable ones. I found the appendix very helpful, where Pagano goes over all the allowed and forbidden foods, and gives you some very handy lists for easy reference.

    The book includes a lot of before-and-after pictures of Dr. Pagano's psoriasis patients. And seeing their results is very encouraging and helps you to believe in the effectiveness of the treatment plan. The only thing I found disappointing is that in this updated book edition the pictures are only black and white. In the 1st book edition all the pictures were in color and covered a whole page. That just made more of an impression on me.

    But the inclusion of recipes in this edition made up for all that. I was kind of at a loss after reading the original book, because I had no clue of what to eat. So I was glad to discover that the updated version included actual recipes.

    Overall, a helpful and easy to understand book which I couldn't recommend more!
  • R. Lamm - Cures cancer and heals woundsI was a skeptic of the healing properties claimed by some people but i recently was working in a data center in a hospital when i cut myself on a sharp edge of a rack. Well as you might expect i bled a little and when i reached down through a bundle of cables to retrieve my screwdriver i felt a cooling sensation not unlike a york peppermint patty on my hand and when i pulled it out my cut had vanished!

    As a geek i had to test my theories so i checked and sure enough there were half a dozen of these cables intermingled with the cheapie $100 cables from Radio shack. I immediately disconnected one and "borrowed" it in my pocket for further testing.

    While i was at a water fountain, a man in a wheelchair rolled behind me and past the cable in my pocket and exclaimed in a joyous sound soon after because his legs were reacting after 5 years of disability.

    When i left the hospital i found that my car had run out of gas but by simply putting the cable on the dash board the car started right up and drove without using a drop of gas!

    I'm writing this blog from the moons of Titan where I am currently taking a vacation with my Denon cable. apparently it is possible to breath in the vacuum of space with a little bit of help from denon.