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  • Woody - Wonderful, happiness-inspiring strollerThis stroller has been the best baby purchase, hands down.


    (1) It's beautiful. The bassinet really makes it more attractive. This feature has motivated me to walk it around the neighborhood more than I otherwise would because I love looking at it and being around it.

    (2) It rides extremely well. I must've tried out 25 strollers; none, except for the Bugaboo Cameleon, were as maneuverable and smooth.

    (3) It's a good choice if you're tall. My spouse and I are both tall (5'11" and 6'8"), and this is important because the stroller handlebar can be adjusted to fit the average 6'8" man. Also important, there is no axle between the back wheels, which means that our feet don't kick the bar.

    (4) The basket underneath the stroller is the largest I've seen on a stroller. This has been invaluable in our car trips, walks around the neighborhood, shopping, apple picking, etc.

    (5) Add-ons like the bassinet stand (our child slept in the bassinet on top of the bassinet stand for 4 months), which meant we had more time to see where a crib and what type of crib would fit into the room. The bassinet stand also uses a laundry bag (extra purchase) to transition to a hamper after you're finished with the bassinet.

    (6) Relatively inexpensive add-ons that allow three children to ride on the stroller at once.

    (7) The folding mechanism allows the stroller to stand on its own once folded.

    (8) Bassinet folds down for easy traveling. There is a stroller bag you can purchase for the rest of the stroller, and then fold down your bassinet into a large checked suitcase (which you'll be doing anyway with kids, right?!).

    (9) Prompt customer service. I emailed once to ask them a stupid question and got a response 2 hours later.


    (1) The folding mechanism takes practice, but after a few tries, it's quite easy.

    (2) The stroller is large, so it will take up approximately half (or a little more) of a sedan's trunk. If you have an SUV, this shouldn't be a problem.

    It's a great, beautiful, well made stroller. I highly recommend this product.
  • Dave - Everyone, regardless of back pain, should buy this bookLike many other reviewers here, I find this book to be simply fantastic. This is the solution I knew existed and have been looking for for quite some time. The last reviewer summed it up pretty elegantly.

    Only 24 years old myself, I have been suffering from chronic back pain for 7 years now, and it keeps getting worse. My experience with doctors and chiropractors is that nobody knows what they are talking about and everyone is trying to get your money. I always knew that there was a simple answer out there (we didn't evolve with this fatal flaw), but never knew where to look.

    Esther's method is simple and does not require any exercises, rather it is incorporated into your daily life - sitting, sleeping, standing, walking.

    I have been using her methods for about 4 weeks now, and have the following results:

    -Virtually no pain in the car anymore, which used to be one of the worst parts of my day
    -Very little pain while sleeping, which used to not provide relief
    -Moderate pain/discomfort sitting at work for 8-10 hours a day, which used to be completely unbearable
    -Much less "popping" of my back and neck. I am not sure what this means exactly but it must be a good thing
    -More energy, positive attitude (seriously, I feel more awake, I can lift more at the gym, and I am in a better mood)
    -To be euphemistic, improved operation of excretory system
    -Much more defined abdominal muscles, and slimmer midsection
    -Visually improved body appearance (more defined muscles, better alignment of chest and shoulders)
    -I can only imagine things will get better as I continue to use this method

    Even if you do not have back pain, I recommend this book to understand and appreciate the human body, and how it is supposed to operate. You may surprise yourself with the results.

    Many thanks to Esther for nailing this one.