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  • Kate Stokes - Great product.Mcafee has taken their already proven and trusted software and updated it for 2012. The software protects you from the normal malware, spyware and hackers trying to get into your your machine and the free update function keeps up to date with the latest threats. This is a very good product that will get the job for anyone looking for general-purpose anti-virus security.
  • Cynthia A. Forrest - Align is the probiotic for my IBSI have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Proctalgia Fugax since I was a child. I have tried many, many probiotics and medications to calm my colon. However, for some reason, this probiotic works for me. I am not sure why. If I do not take it one day, the spasms in my colon come right back. I just wish the cost of this product was less. The cost of about a dollar a pill is very expensive for me. But trips to the emergency room are VERY expensive and embarrassing.
  • William C. Etter "Christ Follower" - Kaspersky Internet SecurityI recently purchased Kaspersky Internet Security software. By buying it thru Amazon, it was a great value.

    It keeps my computer protected. I have used it in the past. Much better than other anti-virus products I have used. Can use it on 3 computers. Have it on my desk top and laptop.
  • LudaChris - As usual Joe deliversVideo is well put together, fun, and interesting.
    Very basic in the beginning, but has some wonderful tips and tricks that make the video well worth the cost.
    I've attended a seminar with Joe and still learned quite a few cool tricks from the DVD.

    If you're already a pro you prob won't learn a ton of new stuff, but for novice and semi experienced I'd go for it.

    Some cool bonus Nikon stuff on the disk as well.
  • Sunny Sewing Honeybee - The extras make this fun set worth a lookThis set is just too cute! There are a lot of details included with the extra accessories. I'll talk about the basic apps first, and then move on to the accessories. If you already know about LeapPads (especially apps) and just want to know about the extras, feel free to skip the first section!


    One of the nicest things about this set is the included gift card for apps. While it's not going to get you many--it can buy two in the normal price-range--it's helpful in getting you started since there aren't many built-in apps--and it's more open-ended than the fact that you typically have a choice of one in three free apps. You'll also get that free downloadable app from a choice of three, as is typical for LeapPad purchases. The ones I was offered to choose from (I'm not sure if this will vary) were: Scout and Friends and You, Solar Taxi, and Squirrel Summertime Games. Note: From my experience, the free app can only be installed on the ONE new LeapPad, so make sure whatever game you choose is one only the child who uses this device wants, as it cannot be shared with other household members. (Purchased apps can be on more than one device, though, and that includes the ones you pick out with the app card.)

    Speaking of which, be sure to look around for the app card! I thought it would be in the front, where it looks like there's a cardboard sleeve for it. Instead, it's packaged behind the LeapPad unit.

    Here's a bit about the apps that are included:

    Art Studio App--This is like a little Paint program. Unfortunately, this is the app where it's most noticeable that there's a response delay with the stylus. Drawing needs to be done somewhat slowly.

    Camera--This is a toy-quality camera and video recorder. It can take photos from the front or back.

    Cartoon Director App--Kids can make mini-movies, and can use photos of faces to personalize the characters. Motions are limited and the movies are mostly narrative, but it's still a great way to exercise creativity.

    Learning Songs--A few LeapPad educational songs.

    Pet Pad--This app helps teach kids how to write letters with the help of a personalized pet. Letters correspond with pet tricks. There are also activities, including bathing, feeding, and making the pet "fly" to collect balloons by shooting it in a slingshot.

    Photo Lab--Photos can be manipulated and edited.

    Utility Apps--There are also some new included apps that don't appear on earlier versions of the LeapPad2. Those are:
    * Calculator that can accommodate eight digits. It adds, divides, multiplies, and subtracts.
    * Calendar that has "stickers" for marking important dates, and will also allow for "typing" in notes that get added to it as sticky notes.
    * Clock/stopwatch, with analog and digital readouts, along with a count-up stopwatch option.
    * Note pad, where short notes can be "typed" onto a sticky note. I'm more impressed with this app than the one on LeapPad Ultra, where they forgot an apostrophe key!


    The Mike-themed gel skin is really cute, and so different from the typical ones you can buy. He's even wearing his retainer, and the top is complete with horns. I like this gel skin better than the other official LeapPad ones. It's more pliable plastic, making battery changes easier. I have a difficult time changing the batteries on a LeapPad2 with a less pliable blue gel skin. This gel skin also has a bit more of a texture to it (it's not shiny-smooth).

    The seven wallpapers are on the LeapPad (built-in backgrounds), so they're not to decorate the physical LeapPad unit, but there are also two sheets of stickers that can be put on the outside of the LeapPad or (in my opinion!) used on something else. The "frame" around the LeapPad2 is already decorated with a Monsters University theme, including Mike on the left and Sulley on the right.

    The cleaning cloth is really basic, but it works well. It features Sulley in the center, along with the words: "Big Monster on Campus." The edging is "pinked" (pinking shears/zig-zagged).

    Although this is more expensive, overall, than a basic LeapPad2, the few extras--the cleaning cloth, gel skin, and $20 app card--definitely make it worth a look to anyone considering a LeapPad2. (Although the two sheets of stickers are nice, too, they're not something I would personally want put on the LeapPad.) The blue and lime green colors in the theme are eye-catching and fun! As with any LeapPad product, though, I would recommend this set only if you're willing to spend more to add additional apps.