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  • Mia Bedford-Richards - MamaMa's review of the Elizabeth Smart StoryThis is a well written story from Elizabeth's point of view.
    I do however wish that it would have had more details on the family and the police during this process, as it might have clarified some of the information about what was happening whilst she was being held against her will; On the other hand, with the story being about Elizabeth and the horrifying circumstances she was under for 9 mos., the story is about her and what she endured, so on that note, it was a well written story.
    If Elizabeth was to write another book, I would happily read it.
    She writes very well with grace and structure, and completely respectable honesty.
  • Cynthia Ramer "Hyacynth" - Reading with Kindle made easyI fell at work and broke both wrists,and have a torn rotator cuff. With nothing to do but read or watch TV during the long recovery period, I found holding books almost impossible because of the pain in my hands and wrists. My ortho doctor introduced me to his Kindle, and I immediately purchased mine. I am able to read books now, and even have my scriptures, Church hymns, and Sunday School lesson manual downloaded. Kindle goes everywhere with me, except the tub! Folks stop me all the time to ask me what I am looking at and I bet I could have personally sold a dozen or so since May 2008.
  • MTV and the radio BURN IN HELL - 2nd best Floyd albumAll I can say is that this is, while not as good as DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, is still a very awesome album. I own this and all I can say is that every song here is amazing. Hell you should buy this just because 'Another Brick in the Wall, part 2' is on this, which is probably Pink Floyds most famous song. That loser Sunburnt Albino (aka Henry McPruter) will burn in hell for insulting Pink Floyd! Unless he's joking then he doesn't deserve to live, well maybe not that bad, but he is still a retard. Pink Floyd is the best band that uses a keyboard and thats still around. Other bands like Metallica and AC\DC have died in the past few years but Pink Floyd still has it!
  • Lora Peraza "the citizen" - fantastic jacketThis jacket is more than warm enough to keep you set throughout winter, if not you can definitely wear a hoodie underneath. this was fantastic as (im loras son btw) i have very broad shoulders for my height of 5'10" so the xxl fit my shoulders perfectly but it really makes you look broad hahahaha i dont look disproportionate normally but whne a wear that jacket my shoulders look huge. all thee seams are great and the zipper works without fail. just for instance, if you wear an xl get a jacket thats 2xl(xxl) and it should have a good amount of room for another garment and wont be too tight.