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  • Kim Robinson - After First WeekI was skeptical about purchasing this product and it actually helping in my weight loss. I have been eating well and working out and have lost 21 pounds on my own over the last 4 months. I had seemed to just be stuck. I started taking these and after one week of taking 3 pills, 3x a day, I lost 5 pounds. I will continue to take it and see if it keeps helping me. It seemed to of just helped give me a kick start but I will keep going and see if it continues to help me. It really makes me feel full and I do not eat as much. It also has helped dramatically with cravings. I want to make sure that my metabolism keeps running well so I have to make myself eat mid-meal snacks. So far so good and I will keep using it.
  • Ruach - I've finally found my tabletAfter owning four other tablets of different brands, to include the iPad, I have found everything I need a tablet to do in the Kindle Fire. I like the feel of the device in my hand, its resolution and especially the elegance of it's simplicity. I have had no reliability issues, it performs well. I would recommend the Kindle Fire for anyone who already has the smartphone, the laptop, the desktop PC and other wi-fi capable device, and desires an in-between device that is powerful yet simple in design and format, at a price that can't be beat.
  • James J. Wright - Right without Religion,,, AgainAnother masterful read from Sam. Six Stars.
    Common sense is the only core Harris needs to maintain his true science, in the ancient arts of religious dogma. And ecclesiastic man's sure lock and hold on justice, law, love and morality... With Gods permission and with God's real morality in the many unholy and unauthorized bibles -- Mr. Harris is always moral and the Old Nasty God of the mean old Bible without exception,,, always loses HIS morality.
    You must read your bible to see how easy it is to read this truthful book.
  • Herschel - Quality and convenienceI am thrilled with my purchase of the Nutri Bullet. I debated the purchase for a long time. It is made of great quality and it really does emulsify everything you put in. Nothing goes to waste. Clean up is a breeze. It is also not a huge bulky item and can be left on the. counter without looking bad or taking up too much space. I highly recommend!
  • Capo "TechGuy" - Perfect stands for the perfect weightsJust like the SelectTech weights the stand was designed to hold, this dumbbell stand was engineered beautifully. You can tell they really put thought and time into coming up with such a clever design. It's tough, takes little space, and keeps your SelectTech weights at an optimal height, far better than having to pick them up from the ground. I would highly suggest this stand to anyone who owns the weights.