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  • My Never Ending Pile of Books - I wish fairy tales could be real too.Taken from my blog: Reading by Candlelight

    This book was absolutely gorgeous. The simple cover drew me in - and than I opened the book and I knew I had to read it. There are full color illustrations spread throughout the book that are just breathtaking and give the book a nice touch. Plus there's little pictures on the pages and changing font colors. The book is a great addition to any shelf.

    The story was really cute. I loved all the characters in it and loved the idea that the characters run around and have their own lives after the book is closed. I liked the changing view points and how we get to read parts of the fairy tale.

    I liked Delilah, she reminded me of myself back in school. She's basically not well-like by most of the schools population, so she'd rather read. I can really relate to her, it would have been easy to get sucked into a fairy tale. She doesn't think at first, all she wants is Olive but doesn't think of the consequences. But, over time, she grows up a bit and realizes she needs more than him in his life.

    Oliver was a sweetheart. He wanted Delilah to be his, he loved her and made sure to let her know. He didn't think in the beginning either, he was a little bit selfish, wanting Delilah all to himself, but I loved him anyways.

    Overall this book was great, and kept me up reading even though I was exhausted and had to get up in the morning.
  • Angela - fabulousI really my kindle. I've never had a tablet or laptop or smartphone, so this is a special treat. I use it for e-mail, calendar, reading, kids learning games, Skype, Facebook, and online shopping. It is well made and I enjoy it.