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  • Julianne "Julianne" - Read the Book Before You Give A ReviewI thought the review was for those who read the book, but since that is not the case, I have given a 5 star rating because I do respect one of the authors, Ms LaViolette, for her courage. However, I am concerned about all the negative comments posted on Amazon disguised as a book reviews since April 2nd because of the Jodi Aries trial. Ms LaViolette has been testifying since that time for the defense as an expert witness on domestic abuse.
    I have called and emailed Amazon several times concerning removing the character assassination comments about Ms LaViolette. Perhaps others who agree that Amazon should not give people who have never read the book the forum to destroy someone with whom they do not agree also contact Amazon.
  • Pamela Chapman "Pam" - Must read and follow for GI healthMy family doctor gave me this book upon discharge from the hospital with colitis and celiac sprue disease based on lab work. He had another patient who had tried it with great improvement. I was so sick that I was ready to try anything to feel healthy again. This is an change of eating habbits that you can't cheat on!!! But after a month it seems normal and you feel much better. The recipes are easy to follow and most are pretty good. I have been a registered nurse for over 22 years and this book is highly recomended.
  • B. Klein "philly fan" - I enjoy all; Brad Meltzer's booksThis one is a beautiful book and you can see that a lot of work went into publishing this book. I was very curious about John Wilkes Booth and Brad laid out all the facts. It is up to you to believe what we want. The facts are undeniable.
    The book is very pretty inside with lots of drawings and I am sure you will love this book and keep it out on the coffee table for your friends to pick up. I am very satisfied with this book. Thanks Brad for another winner.
  • W. Hoyt "Pee Wee Shooter" - Like a fine wine, Rush just gets better with ageAs far as the Ged man's voice goes I actually kinda like hearing him singing an octave lower. And their musicianship has only improved with age. His singing on this mp3 album does take some getting used to. The first time I heard "Spirit of Radio" (track one) I cringed and thought they went and did a "Journey" and replaced the singer. Granted this band could produce a golden turd and many Rush fans, myself included, would happily snap it up. In fact, I would probably rate the turd 5 stars on Amazon. As did the other 9 five star reviews before mine.

    Seriously there are some AWESOME tracks. You don't record 26 tracks without simply nailing some. Worth buying? I think so. 5 stars? Maybe not, though what the heck Rush is a great band and as an over 40 years of age (low 40's at the time this review was written) die hard fan I'll also leave a 5 star review. Geddy ROCK ON.