Medical Simulation Supplies - The cost of training medical and nursing students continues to rise. We believe that the quality of the training does not need to be compromised by the rising cost. We manufacture disposable medical simulation products at a cheaper cost than those used in hospitals. This is achieved by using cheaper packaging and avoiding unnecessary and costly regulations. These products offer the same aesthetics and haptics as the products used in hospitals.

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  • garth brownscombe - Political Candy.Rare accomplishment of combining delicious gossip and anecdotes from a riveting, high stakes political contest that is also meticulously researched. This compelling read into the personalities and money grubbing behind modern political campaigns is like candy to a political junkie. Highly recommended.
  • Earl Wells "brotherman" - this tablet works very goodthis tablet is nice, it work well, its fast, slim, light weight, and functions very well. I see no problems
  • D. Gallaher "Dave the Chem Prof" - Works for me....nice upgrade from 09I have been a Quicken user since 2000. I only upgrade every other version or so, so I can't directly compare the individual features from each successive version. Let me add to this preface that I do everything manually in Quicken - I rarely download transactions directly from my financial institutions - I just prefer to enter things manually...which also helps me keep my financial details current in my head.

    That being said, I was slightly hesitant to updgrade to the 2011 version after reading the user reviews. In fact, after clicking "order" - I had buyers remorse and was convinced that I would return it without opening the package as soon as it arrived. (BTW - I got the Turbo Tax/Q2011 bundle which is a hell of a deal).

    I am glad I did not return the software. For someone who uses the program like I do, the 2011 version is a pleasant surprise. It is a nice upgrade - the interface is more pleasing and professional looking. The sequencing of tabs and the ability to set date ranges for reports and the like is much improved. 2009 version of the software had an annoying quirk...when you were entering a transaction on one register line, an annoying "tab" (a highlight feature) would pop up/down and sometimes obscure other data on the screen - the new version fixes this. I also don't see any pop-up ads in my software. I don't miss the "cash flow" tab other have mentioned - but I did not use it in prior version of the software. I LOVE the spending tab feature, with a big, clear graph of where your money is going over a specified time period (default is last 30 days) - very convenient.

    I've only had the 2011 version a couple of weeks, but I'm very glad I kept it. Again, I would not consider myself a "power user"....I don't use several of the program's features, but for a daily user of financial software who likes to enther things manually, I really like the 2011 version of Quicken.
  • W. Audette - Great for ReviewI've used Quicken for many years now and like most people when I do the same thing over and over have no problem remembing what to do but when that "little" change or something needs to be added I always go back to the book for review and step by step help. Sandberg is brillant in her ability to give step by step directions to help with those not often used steps in Quicken. Well worth the money!