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  • Hindsight - Good StuffAlthough I think the book was written from the slant of someone with a more healthy relationship foundation, the book helped me in many ways and I'd recommend it. I'd caution men to strive to comprehend the concepts rather than the particulars and to adapt the concepts to their situation. The book is written from an almost anthropological point of view and while X may be true of women in general, there will be much variance in how any given man interprets and applies X. So for example Bob tries to implement X and introduces behavior that seems so out of context to Sally that it she's more confused and hence distracted trying to figure it out then the intended result. There's a lot of good stuff though, and it helped me feel a connection / fellowship with others which raised my spirits. In essence, this book is intelligent "guy talk" for guys that have become so over domesticated they've lost the abilitity to think like a guy.
  • Dr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant" - Women included only with top 1% of bindersThese binders are great but mine arrived without one single woman in it! I wonder if those women in Mitt's binders are the ones who held jobs Mitt/Bain sent overseas, Mitt's banking buddies foreclosed on their homes and his Wall Street buddies took their pensions and other savings so they have no place to live other than a binder? A binder, no less, that they can not even afford for themselves but have to live in one owned by a top 1% male? The binders are just full of those women that are not good at fiscal/financial responsibility and have to have housing provided for them because they can not protect their assets and themselves from being taken and controlled by the top 1%. They were tricked into having their attention focused on protecting $10 from going to vets for food and grandma for medicine while their homes and savings were being stolen. The difference between classes just keeps getting wider. Romney hopes someday to have 99% of all people in his binders.
  • Jimbean - "Second shift-order" Aw Ha Aw Ha, I liiike it!This is yet another wonderful part in the continuing saga of Silo and so is not a "stand alone" work. One must also read "First Shift(at least) to understand and know the characters and story line. However, to REALLY understand and enjoy this story, one must also read the "Wool" series. "Second Shift", just like the other chapters is well written with few, if any, spelling,gramatical,or syntax errors which I find very distracting and this is bad in a story that gets "intricate" in places. If you are one of those people that combs through books and movies for "blooper", there are a few (I feel sure)but Mr. Howey readily acknowleges any valid critisisims on his social networks but they are really "nit picky" in my opinion and don't effect the continuity of the story.
    I highly recommend "Second Shift" with the proviso that you read "Wool Omnibus" first and then "First Shift" BEFORE reading this work....ENJOY!
  • C. Lane - Perfect travel bagI purchased this for our 22 month old son for our trip to Maui. He absolutely loves it! I filled it with items to keep him entertained on the 5 hour flight. It's the perfect size for little ones. He loved pulling through the airports. Not only is it adorable but well made. I also purchased the matching lunch bag & straw bottle.