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  • Claudio Stornelli - Visalus does me good :)I have only been taking the shakes every morning for the last 5 weeks or so and I feel great and don't miss my morning routine that I've been doing for the last 40 something years!

    I feel great and have started to lose some weight. It's a lifestyle change not a miracle powder of any sorts nor do they claim it to be. I'm now ramping up now to do 2 shakes a day.
  • natasha - Saved my lifeAfter suffering from colitis for 2 years brought on by the pregnancy of my daughter, I just happened upon a blog of someone mentioning this diet. I read several reviews on how great this book was, and based on it's cheap price, I decided I had nothing to lose. It's a helluva lot cheaper than the medication I was on! I have a background in science and healthcare so when I read the book, it made complete sense to me so I decided to devote myself to it whole-heartedly and it has paid off! I feel like a new person. The diet is strict but I'm not in pain anymore or exhausted so it's not that hard for me to follow. I have tried quite a few recipes in the book and they are delicious. My mom is diabetic and she can eat them too. My husband and little kids even like them, BONUS!! This book has opened me up to a whole new world of living that makes me feel healthier and happier than I have been in some time. Do yourself a huge favor and give it a shot. I am off my medications (they weren't helping me anyway) thanks to following this diet. The book also references some websites that are helpful for SCD followers.
  • jocelyn marit - Excellent quality and sound!Awesome bass and great volume. Much richer sound than the many others I tried before finding multiple great reviews on this speaker. I came from the era of stereo systems that included huge speakers with house filling sound and I can have this downstairs on full volume with no distortion and be listening upstairs!
  • Marrion Johnston - Great tasting coffeeAlthough this is considered an instant coffee, it can compete with the best of any other types of coffee. It has the rich, full bodied, great taste like other gourmet bold flavors. I love this coffee because it doesn't get bitter if I let it get cold unlike other. I'm able to make 2 cups of coffee with one packet. I quit using my single serve Keurig K-cups because I like the taste of this better.