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  • Suzanne4Amazon - Only thing that works with minimal side effectsMost drs have recommended miralax, fibercon, dulcolax, etc. but I find that they give me bloating, gas, and inconsistent small bowel movements all day long....ugh.
    I went back to Colon Cleanse. Healthy, normal bm's. No cramping or gas. Sidenote: It does stain the colon (I had a colon scope procedure done), but it is not harmful, per the dr.
  • rocky - Exceptional DeviceCouldn't be more pleased with this purchase! I am a student and having a tablet that I can carry to class in my bookbag vs carrying a laptop around with me is so much more convenient when I already have so many other books and binders with me. I bought the mini vs the regal sized ipad because of the thinness and the lightweight. I usually have pretty bad buyers remorse, but not with this item. Its so easy to hold in one hand and operate. Would highly recommend for any student or teacher, or anyone on the go.
  • T. Voost - Perfecting...Over all, The Asus TF201 is one T-Totally awesome device. When docked into station, WOW, talk about a whole new experience, easy to operate. Great cameras, powerful bright screen and wonderful performance. Features...It has them and lots. Oh, yeah it's sexy. Favorite of the past 2 other tablets i have previously owned, no doubt. To have it supportive of a few personally important applications, would be terrific. Sad to mention, but my ONE detected aggravating issue....The Micro HDMI cord wont stay properly intact, really T's me off having these slightly angled sides, allowing cord to just fall right out...Black electrical tape solves the trick but not the answer. Over all, The Asus TF201 is one T-Totally awesome device.
  • A. Herring - Love this chair!This chair is a great chair, especially for the price. I bought this chair because the other computer chair that I had was causing my back to hurt when I sat at the computer for more than 20 minutes. This chair is very comfortable and I can sat at my computer for hours without my back bothering me. The chair is easy to assemble and the shipping was very fast. I received it within two days of ordering it.
  • Calgary-guy - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.This is an honest review. After having lost three fingers, down to my pinky on my right hand due to a couple of unfortunate banana slicing incidents, I was about to give up banana eating for good and turn to something a little safer like blueberries. Then at my support group, Bananonymous, someone brought in the 571 and it was like the heavens opened up and drew upon us a ray of bright yellow light. "Never will a banana go uneaten!" we proclaimed! From that point on, I've saved the rest of my fingers from further dismemberment and am so excited to eat bananas again, I even buy bananas when they're still a little green to tease myself into waiting until they ripen into that glowing yellow we all love. Thanks Hutzler 571, you've given me my life, and my banana back.