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Medicine — School of Medicine at the University of Virginia - The School of Medicine at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville is a nationally-ranked School in a nationally-ranked University in a nationally-ranked city. One of the original schools in Thomas Jefferson's founding of the University of Virginia.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 22904 Charlottesville, Virginia

  • Rosemary Anderson - I love this but shopuld have bought 3 or 4G

    I love my kindle for the most part. I don't like the fact that it does not work like my phone so that internet is accessible anywhere- they should develop an app to add to it as an upgrade. I love being able to read anywhere and the ability to have varied materials without packing so many different books around so I have something for whatever mood I am in. My daughter loves it and I often have to demand it back. She is the game player and has no problems with her games. I don't like that ebooks are often as or more expensive than the print version. That is ridiculous when the cost of publishing is so much less. I have not used the audio part so I cannot review however it seems to be great with the games. It operates great and pages turn just fine. I wish it did not weigh so much with carpel tunnel it gets hard to hold and is heavy in my back pack but over all one of my best purchases.

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