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  • josie - remarkableGreat pop from the first swing. Produces power line drives and getting better everyday. So much better than the Demarini i got 3 years ago. Great service from Purely Outstanding Sports and Amazon, arrived one day earlier than expected. Would recommend it to any women playing fastpitch softball
  • vera turner - A Life changing Diet!My sister & I took the 28 day challenge and it was the best decision ever. In just 4 weeks my sister lost 18 pounds and in 7 weeks her cholestrol levels went from 305 to 177 and tryglcerides went from 306 to 166. Her doctor couldn't believe it and is now reccomending it to his other overweight patients. Others on the program are posting similiar results. You will never be hungry---ever!!! You eat healthy and you eat alot!!
    Go to her facebook site and read the comments and know for yourself. You will never regret it. There are some here giving bad reviews of the book who haven't tried it and are writing the reviews based on calories.. we don't count calories and if they believe that we are losing because we aren't getting enough food then they haven't tried the program..
    Buy the book, you will have no regrets and you will never want to eat any other way for life. It is a substainable lifestyle for your entire family.
    Vera Turner
  • Tiffanie Lampasona - My favorite Kinnect GameEveryone that has a kinnect should have this game, not only because it promotes exercise, but because it is fun too! I don't like going to the gym and I can do this right at home. You can do a work out that is short or long, you can learn different dances and you can play games while getting fit. Highly recommend this game.
  • A. Scovens-Thomas "Ainge" - I am a Norton fanI love shopping on I purchased this Norton for under $25. Yeah exactly. I used it on 3 different pc's, awesome. Shipping only took a few days and installing it was so easy. Norton has been my number 1 anti-virus software for years. I trust that it protects my computers and I don't have to worry at all.