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  • C. Constantine - Satisfying mealsEach recipe is prefaced with an in-depth explanation as to why they choose the methods and techniques utilized. The recipes are extremely tasty and, for the most part, are easy to make. Just as important, there is plenty of food for two - every recipe has left us full. I have a subscription to, but have all Cooking For Two books because they include additional recipes not found online; and include other advantages,such as cooking large roasts and using the leftovers for 2 additional unique dinners.
  • Justin - Definitely WorksI take 3 pills around 2PM and I eat much less the rest of the day. I often feel like skipping supper. I've lost 16 lbs in about 8 weeks. It really does work. I also exercise and eat right, but this helps me alot with the appetite suppression. Good product.
  • Christine "Follower of Jesus Christ" - Absolutely love this product!I get many compliments on how nice my skin is when I wear this mineral powder. I have no hesitation telling my friends what I use. This has great coverage and is easy to layer in splotchy areas without appearing caked on. I initially purchased this at Sephora in the Mall as a beginner package complete with blush, mineral veil (for reflective property...a little goes a long way), bronzer and brushes. They let me trade out the enclosed blush for one that was a truer color. What was nice about making my first purchase at Sephora is that you can try on the product to get the color exact, plus you get the brushes, which are of great quality, plus there is an instructional video that helps to initiate you into using mineral makeup if you've never used it before.

    To save time and money, I purchased these refills online, a substantial savings from what I would get them for individually in the store. And since I knew what color worked with my skin I could safely re-order.

    Tip: apply using a circular motion with a kabuki brush. A little goes a long way, so be sure to tap the brush before applying and the product will last longer (you'll still get good coverage and it won't look caked on). Apply directly to blemished areas using a smaller brush to get concentrated coverage where you need extra concealer. I use it on my eyelids and under my eyes to do away with under eye redness and dark circles - it works wonders!
  • Ann R Shelton - Excellent Fun for HalloweenThis is a fun little treat for Halloween. The product is thin which makes it easy to apply neatly but requires more than one coat. First coat looks a bit like your nails are sickly and will not provide sufficient glow power. With 2-3 coats the color and glow intensify. We used this under black crackle polish by Mia Secret and nails still glowed.