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  • Brian M. Lake "Brian" - Great upgrade from MS Money 2007This was an excellent upgrade from MS Money 2007. I had been using Money since around 2004 and found it to be an exellent product. It kept my day-to-day finances in check and gave good reports. I was disappointed to see they had stopped making the software, so I decided to go with Quicken. I was not disappointed. The software is easy to navigate, easy to set up accounts for downloading information, and has excellent reports. Should make doing taxes much more simplistic. Having both graphic and numerical reports makes life much easier. Very nice piece of software. Would highly recommend.
  • Ray H - ASUS Transformer Prime with KeyboardThis is positively a great product. I bought the ASUS Transformer Prime, Keyboard (sold separately,)and a leather portfolio case (Bluecell). All are excellant.
    I originally bought the ASUS for a friend who is vision impaired so that she could read the newspaper more easily (needs large print). The ASUS is serving that purpose well although it did take an e-mail to the local newspaperpaper requesting support for an Android Tablet. If you use, do not download their Application - it is for Android cell phones and isn't at all helpful for the Android Tablet. Just use their main website which now works well on Android Tablet. Their support is very good; I received an almost instant response. They have provided any necessary adjustments to their website that was necessary to accomodate the Android Tablet (Thanks
    Additionally, I have found the Transformer Prime WiFi to have limited range and needed to install a CISCO RE1000 which easily eliminated that problem. I also found the GPS receiver to be less signal sensitive than I expected and requested a bongle (supplied free for the asking from ASUS) which arrived about a week after I registered the Transformer.
    One additional issue - I thought I understood all I needed to watch streaming baseball games on MLB.COM was Adobe Flash and an MLB.COM subscription; but that isn't correct. The Android version of Adobe Flash is not the same as Adobe Flash for the PC. I'm more than a bit disappointed about that, but that is not a problem with the ASUS Tablet.
    Having these "side" issues I have no problem assigning a 5 Star rating to the product. From the time you remove the product out of the shipping packaging everything says "quality", and the product was well packed for shipment too - Thanks AMAZON supplier.
  • "rocknroll26" - 'I got a strong urge to fly but I got nowhere to fly to'Before you listen to this, forget who you are going to listen to, relax, and forget whatever you know about this band.
    As this is a concept album, everyone will have there own interpratations of it. I, having not seen the movie, will tell you mine.
    The main carachter is born in the second song. While the mother was pregnant, the father had ran away. The main charecter was normal physically but mentally he is insane. As a teenager he has a girlfriend named Vera. After graduation, he moves away and becomes a rock star. He has women around him all the time and hundreds of guitars. At the beggining of disc two, he gives up on music and moves to a big city. He stares at people through his apartment. He basically goes completley insane. He decides to make a comeback and has a big concert. During the concert, he starts yelling racial and sexual comments to those in the audience. Someone calls the police, and he manages to sing two more songs before they drag him off stage. They have a big trial and they all tell him to bring down the wall and he commits suicide.
    Of course, I could be completely wrong. Buy it and see for yourself.
  • Ron Ward - Honest and insightfulHonest and insightful. This kind of study, done in regards to one's personal struggle with a specific issue, speaks powerfully into an issue that needs to be understood more deeply in our time. As a pastor who ministers to those struggling with homosexual tendencies in this generation, I was greatly helped by this book.