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Megalis - Storia d'un leggero vento d'aprile - Scrittura Creativa, Cosmesi Ecobio, Fotografia, Cucina, Diario di Bordo - Megalis - Storia d'un leggero vento d'aprile - poesie, racconti, foto, ricette, Scrittura Creativa, Cosmesi Ecobio, Fotografia, Cucina, Diario di Bordo

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  • L. J. Cunningham - Tagg Pet Tracker

    Best Pet Purchase i've made in a long time. Works exactly as planned. Purchased two of these when activated was charged full cost for yearly service however Tagg Customer service did make the Add a Pet correction and seem to be quite helpful. Tested with both my beagles and like that i get an address, 15-25ft radius as well as a continuous map to help locate my two boys. Not that they get out of the yard however glad they are now wearing these as I shouldn't have too much trouble locating them. Very happy Tagg Owner

  • Va1ha11a - Awesome

    I originally got the Transformer Prime (and the keyboard dock) to replace my laptop (which weighs ~6 pounds) with a lighter alternative. This tablet has met and exceeded my expectations. It's durable, with good battery life, and most important to me, it's lightweight. The battery life (when using the dock as well) is so good that I can play heavy-duty 3D games for hours, as well as browse the internet and stream google music and have a lot of juice left over. While it's true I charge it every night, I've never been able to completely drain the battery in all of my usage of it. Asus is also great with updates (I've had ~6 in the 10 months I've had the tablet), and with 4.2 on the way, the prime should become even better. Lag is nonexistant. I can without exaggeration say that this is one of the best products I have ever bought.