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  • NotAShopper - My favorite conditionerI have frizzy wavy hair. This product makes my hair feel clean and it smells amazing. My hair is below my shoulders, and I only have to use a quarter size amount. It makes my hair curl when shower at night and go to sleep with it wet. It also looks great when I blow dry straight. I use the One Condition conditioner with the No Poo cleanser.
  • Spillner - Best tablet on the marketPurchased the tablet on 2/9/12 and haven't regretted it one bit. Its the fastest Android tablet I've seen and more than a match for the iPad. Its not 100% but the pros out weigh the cons.

    The Good:

    Thin and light, you wont get tired holding it in your hand. Upon booting it up after charging I was prompted for a firmware update as well as ICS and an upgraded camera. After the updates went through I started using it. This thing screams. Theirs no lag between home screens, app tray, opening/closing apps and internet browsing. This thing gives you the performance you've been waiting for in an Android device. The screen is one of the nicest I've seen. The viewing angles are amazing and the picture is very crisp. I can't see any pixels.

    The keyboard dock is also a must have for this device as it truly separates it from any other tablet on the market. Typing is very responsive and the track pad works great. USB and SD card ports are great and really add extra functionality to this device. The extended battery life ensure you'll be using this all day. It really turns this into a netbook.

    The bad:

    Stand alone GPS does not work. I would never use this as a turn by turn navigation device since I already own an android phone so the lack of stand alone GPS isn't crucial too me and I knew it was bad when I bought it. Wifi with GPS does work, so tagging locations or doing searches based on location function just fine.

    Not a ton of apps. Although this is a android fault and not a TP problem, their are not enough tablet optimized apps yet. The number is growing but for now Apple is the king of tablet apps.

    Its Purple not grey. In some lights it may look grey but most of the time its purple.

    So why 5 stars? Non of the problems I see with this effect me. I bought this for browsing the internet, playing games, reading, watching movies and updating Facebook and emails. It does all of those just fine. The apps will come just as they did with the phones.