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  • Peter McReynolds - Before you go under the knife...!I was scheduling for a back operation after months of pain, not really controlled by Tramadol. A friend sent me this book, later admitting that it was simply the firset book he laid eyes on in the bookstore! Turned my life around in a matter of short weeks. (After two months, no more Tramadol!)
    The author is an acupuncturist, but tht is irrelevant. Basically, this hugely and superbly illustrated book simply argues the merits of good posture. Reading it, i got to thinking, maybe Mom was right. "Stand up straight; stop walking like some ape!" The first week, I simply crawled around the kitchen trying to hold myself up straight with my arms braced on the counters. Gradually, but within weeks, I was notably better. Within two months, surgery no longer considered and no more painkilling Tramadol. Now, a couple of years later, still no pain and no tramadol. I still make a conscious effort to stand and sit up straight. No more sloven old man ape walking. But, read it here, inside these pages!
  • Michael Stack - An acheivement worthy of the recognition it receives.Some music has filtered its way into our consciousness and has recceived so much exposure that we often forget just how good it is. Pink Floyd's "The Wall" is one of these-- after spending most of high school listening to it endlessly and hearing material from it on the radio through college, I found myself burnt out on it. Several years later, having pretty much abandoned commercial radio, I'm listening to "The Wall" today for the first time in at least a couple years.

    What I'm amazed about is just how good it is. All the criticisms about it are largely true-- Roger Waters went off the deep end, took the reins of the band totally and restructured their sound, its self-indulgent, the vocals are whiny, you can go on. But one other thing is certainly true-- this is without a doubt the best work Waters did as a composer, and with the musical sensibilities of guitarist David Gilmour to keep him somewhat in check, its nothing short of brilliant.

    The albums story is pretty well known, but for any new to it, I'll provide a brief summary. Waters grew disgusted during a performance with a fan in the front row, focused a performance filled with anger on that fan, and eventually spat on him. After the show, he declared the next time the band performed, it'd be behind a wall, and this story of isolation madness somehow came to him. A boy (named "Pink") is born to a woman whose husband is away at war. The father dies ("Another Brick in the Wall Part 1"), the boy ends up being raised by an overprotective mother ("Mother") and finds his creativity mocked and stifled in school ("The Happiest Days of Our Lives", "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2"). This early section is somewhat autobiographical of Waters' childhood. The boy becomes a rock star but finds no happiness and indulges in the rock star life ("Empty Spaces"), fueled primarily by copious amounts of drugs and women ("Young Lust"), and has a nervous breakdown (also biographical, this time of band founder Syd Barrett). After a bit of time meditating on his life ("Goodbye Cruel World"), loneliness ("Is There Anybody Out There?"), an old pop singer ("Vera") and war ("Bring the Boys Back Home"), he gets drugged back to consciousness ("Comfortably Numb"), decides to inspire a riot ("In the Flesh", "Run Like Hell") and completely loses his mind ("The Trial").

    Ok, so its not exactly cheerly material, but its powerful-- from delicate beauty ("The Thin Ice", "Is There Anybody Out There?", "The Show Must Go On") to slabs of raw rage ("Another Brick in the Wall Part 3", "In the Flesh") to passionate ("Hey You"), delicate and sad ("Goodbye Cruel World", "Nobody Home") and totally indescribable ("The Trial"). My suggestion-- don't start at the beginning, start on the second disc-- the first six songs are absolutely magical.

    Is this for everyone? Probably not, but its a stunningly universal album, given how bizarre its story is. We've all felt isolated at times, we've all felt numb to the world, we've all thought we were losing our minds at one point, and we all wanted to lash out. This expresses those feelings as perfectly as aything I've ever heard. Highly recommended.
  • amnning - Best.Pens. Ever.Thank you Bic! My grocery list has never looked so smooth and feminine before! and my checkbook practically balances itself now with these elegant lady pens. I feel prettier, smarter, sexier, and younger everytime I use them. They should be sold in the beauty aisle at Walmart b/c they have boosted my confidence more than that $12 moisturizer I bought there last week. Can't wait to get another package as a gift for mother's day, and maybe if I'm lucky for my 15th wedding anniversary too. Also, great move spelling them "Cristal" instead of "Crystal" ball pen. Definitely caught my eye and made me intrigued. Way to go Bic, way to go ;)