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  • Brad Grenz - Quoted length misleadingI thought I should mention that while this amazing cable is supposedly 1.5 meters long, I find this quite misleading. When I opened it at first glance 1.5 meters seems accurate. It certainly didn't feel much longer than 4-5 feet in my hands, but I have since used it to span much greater distances.

    So far I have successfully used this cable to share my internet connection with my parents' house across town, create a wired network connection to a nuclear submarine in the Pacific and, most recently, share files with astronauts on the International Space Station in orbit around the Earth.

    I'm not sure how any of this is possible. I suspect it is made of supermolocules, but this cannot be determined with any certainty.

    I am currently planning on buying another cable and sending one end on a rocket to Alpha Centari in hopes of connecting my network to any alien civilizations there. I expect the faster-than-light communication features of this Denon cable will be a great asset in growing our knowledge through contact with other intelligent species.
  • Kermit Van Roekel - Great tabletLittle tough learning and you must realize that tablet apps are not the same as a full pc. Good unit, nice screen. Wife loves it, perfect size.
  • Mark J - Bad A$$ EntertainmentThe game arrived quickly and on time. Gameplay is awesome with good graphics. Once installed, don't need CD to play which is convenient. Only downfall to note is that must have internet connection to play; there is no offline play which is slightly disappointing. I would recommend this game to any gamer and especially fans of the Diablo series. :D
  • kev6677 "TECHNO JUNKIE" - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL YOUR CHINOBYL EXPERIMENTSOh boy so I bought this to build a fully functional replica of the chinobyl reactor I mean who would have thought you did not need to go to russia to get this stuff. by the way do we really knew what happened in Russia so many years ago, needless to say I had to find out....boy oh boy once I finished my testing, how do we say russian for....(((( Meltdown ))))..... i mean wow just wow this stuff actually works, to bad I had to abandon my hometown cause of all the fallout and radioactivity stuff but oh well. Sure was lots of fun ...