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  • Timboliah PantsOnFiyah "Timboliah Pants on Fiyah" - Looks like someone beat me too it!I don't know what it is about me, but people seem to seek my advice about everything.

    * "Should I have the steak or the lobster tail?"
    * "Should I ask her to marry me?"
    * "Do these pants make my butt look fat?"

    Those are all just examples from last night! Finally, I had to get a little rude and just tell the guy- "Look mister, I don't really care what you order... and No, you shouldn't ask her to marry you, she's MY wife!... And would it be too much to ask for you to march your fat behind back over to your own table? My wife and I are trying to enjoy our meal in private. See what I mean? I can't even take Mrs PantsonFiyah out for a romantic dinner at the Outback Steakhouse without being hassled by a stranger for advice!

    I decided I should probably just go ahead and write an advice book. My first idea was, maybe a book called "How to Avoid Huge Ships." A Google search and subsequent discovery of this book pretty much killed that idea. So, if you're wanting to know about avoiding huge ships you'll probably want to go with this book.

    Since someone already beat me to it on the whole ship avoidance genre, I am currently working on a book for career minded young people: "How to Not Become a Dentist."
  • Kay Stence - I Didn't Believe It Would Work Until I Tried It!My husband, with Crohn's Disease, was told by his doctor that food had absolutely nothing to do with his illness or his recuperation. We proved him dead wrong! The SCDiet has led to "health miracles" for six of my immediate family members: Me (Celiac Disease, FMS, Severe Allergies, Asthma), my husband (Crohn's), my 83 year old mother (Diverticulitis, Hiatal Hernia, Bleeding Ulcer, Arthritis), my two brothers (IBS & Celiac), and a son (Celiac). Each of us have no symptoms left and have been able to eliminate all drugs pertaining to each of these illnesses and also reduce blood pressure meds. We were each overweight and have easily lost to within about 10 pounds of our desired weight; three of us losing over 50 pounds each. We feel better, have more energy, and look better than we have in years! We find that it takes less food to satisfy and sustain us when we eat whole, natural foods . . . we have broken the cycle of overeating and binging. The SCD has been a God-send for us all! Please visit austinscdfriends.com to learn how we did it.
  • Sean Hood "Screenwriter" - Why this product is Awesome:My family drinks mostly sparkling water with meals, which means we go through at least 5 liters of sparkling water a week. (We don't drink soft drinks at all.) My 11-year-old daughter bought this product for her mother for Mother's Day. It works very well, it's fun to use, and the sparkling water it makes tastes great, but here are the real reasons it is so awesome:

    A sodastream costs $90, and with one CO2 cartridge (included) it makes 60 liters of sparkling water. This is roughly equivalent to buying 60 litters of bottled sparkling water, at 1.50 per bottle, for about $90. So after about 10-12 weeks we will drink 60 liters, and we break even.

    In the year that follows:

    60 liters will now cost only $15, the cost of a CO2 cartridge refill, which we can get at Bed, Bath and Beyond, nearby the Trader Joes where we used to buy our sparkling water.

    Since we drink approximately 300+ liters of sparkling water a year, we will now save $375 dollars a year (probably MORE.)

    Now we will not have to lug 600+ pounds of sparkling water back from the Trader Joes every year.

    We will NOT contribute 300 two-liter plastic bottles to landfills every year.

    Instead of requiring trucks to transport 600 pounds of our bulky bottled water a year, trucks will only have to transport 5 pounds of small CO2 cartridges. Thus, reducing CO2 emissions and its effects on global warming.

    What more could you want from a product?

    (The "flavors" mean nothing to us, frankly. Soda, to us, is just pure sugar and/or unhealthy chemicals. But for those who drink a lot of it, you could save even more, and be even greener.)
  • Michael J. Kemp - Excellent!Well written, so little is known about Habituation done with the correct intent.
    I have a friend who is an inter-species communicator and published Author on the subject, (Decoding the Mystery of Interspecies Communication: The Animals Are Talking...Are You Listening?) who said "Bigfoot Smigfoot,," did not follow them whatsoever, I asked her to give it a try and she instantly began to download communication from a Squatch,
    Thanks for Sharing Chris.