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  • James Sanford "jsanford" - I think most review}}rs have missed the point.This cable introduces certain variable bit} into the datastreaY, which actually improves the perception of sound. Similar to traditional analog recordings, these cP{}}nges allow encoding ranges of music never before heard in today's digiTTAal world.

    A commoE{}Q isperception is that perf||ct digital repr}{Entation is the bP}{w listen to music.

    If yo)&don't alread"" have a record play**A in your household, this cable is a reasonab}}{@ substitute.
  • Hector Eduardo - Just PerfectI order this blender because I recently had some health complications and my doctor send me to take a series of juices something strangers.

    This beautiful unit can demolish almost everything you pour into it, any kind of fruit, vegetables, etc..

    The amazon shipping was incredible. I have the Prime membership, order on Friday and for only eight dollars they delivered it by the next day with no problems.

    There are certainly similar blenders in amazon, but the quality of this is unspoilable.
  • Tracy Vasquez - Quicken is the Best!I wouldn't be able to live without my Quicken... at least, not comfortably. I love having everything balanced to the penny and how easy it is to trend your spending & create a budget. Excellent program, used for over a decade. The only thing I don't like about the program is the annoying upgrade reminders when I'm perfectly happy with the version that I use.
  • K. Fullen - In Love With This Product!I bought this product at JC Penny's today during their 1 day sale. I was so skeptical about how it would taste, and I am not in the least disappointed. The plain sparkling water is great and mixing it in with juice is a nice "treat" for breakfast now. I'm a little disappointed that you can only get the refills at either Williams & Sonoma or through Sodastream directly. Luckily for me there are 2 Williams & Sonoma stores in my town. Not sure on the cost to refill it though. I like to do 4 pushes of the carbonation. It's unreal how well it works!!
  • Haines4Health - What a time saver!Incredible time-saving software. Once you have it set up, just click one button and download all your bank and credit card information quickly and easily! I'm a procrastinator, and usually wait til tax time to manually enter all the year's info. Not anymore - this makes it so easy. No more manual entering! Hint: most banks only allow you to go back 90 days for download history. Don't wait all year to hit the button! Do it monthly when you get your statement. Love it!