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  • Angela - Extremely Intense!This was one of the best books I have ever read, yet the hardest book I have ever read in my life. If I had known what I was getting into, I may have not have read it. BUT, I'm so glad I did. It's fantastic writing and a story of a true survivor. A total page turner! I would describe it an emotional thriller!
  • Lucian Hontau - An informative look at the federalization of power and the excuses behind the horrific militarization of America's police forcesHistorically well researched, this book provides a candid look into the rise of military police that patrol our streets. It traces the roots of such mobilization through the creation of the first SWAT teams along with the excuses used to proliferate military troops (police and traditional military) onto American streets. The history of laws and Supreme Court rulings are the backdrop for the real struggle of the US Federal government to consolidate power through the war on drugs and terrorism and the excitement of police forces that are essentially funded by asset forfeiture and their own abuses of power.

    While the conclusion might be correct, that we are not in a police state, it's impossible to argue that we are not heading there and heading there fast. If nothing else, it is a great expose of what is happening and what awaits innocent American civilians in the future if the trend is not reversed. The book discusses "community policing," as well as other tactics to help improve the situation but concedes at several points that the harm is essentially irreversible. What has created an us vs them (people vs. police) culture that has ruined millions of lives is not something that can easily be forgiven and certainly should not be forgotten. These policies are good ideas, but the reality is, the police state is here. It's just that most of the victims are still the unwanted that the politicians who sought successfully to consolidate states' powers at the federal level want to get rid of. The irony is the complicity of so many Americans who don't realize they're next on the list.

    Well before the end of the book, the Castle Doctrine (along with the Bill of Rights) is laid to rest, never to resurrect again or be of any actual significance. This is a book that every American citizen should read, especially those having leftover delusions of the Castle Doctrine and police forces that serve communities. While police are necessary, the military as police forces that are now patrolling the streets of even the smallest towns are neither properly equipped, trained, or ready to deal with either police or military matters, leaving innocent civilians to be caught in the crossfire increasingly aimed at them.
  • Timmo - GREAT OS - very short learning curveMicrosoft did a great job with Windows 8. It is very intuitive to use and actually - fun to use. I've been helping friends and family upgrade and the average is about 30 minutes of "getting use to it" time. The new app marketplace is growing by leaps and bounds. The apps in there add tons of value to my PC and make it easy to know that you're getting a virus free piece of software.

    If you're on Windows 7 or earlier you shouldn't hesitate to upgrade ASAP.
  • Woundgal - Pricey but well worth it!I have colored, permed and thus very dry hair. Many reviewers stated the Coconut smell was over powering, I did not find this to be the case, it is very pleasant. The smell of the product does not linger on the hair after it is rinsed, but my hair does smell good. I get much better results in assisting with my dry hair with this product then I do with traditional shampoo/conditioner.
    I use less pumps to coat/wash my hair then the directions indicate, I use only enough to coat the hair then I comb through it as directed with the large toothed comb. Some reviewers also stated that the product leaves a residue and leaves the hair weighed down. I did not find this to be the case.
    I also use the Intensive Moist Hair Treatment Sweet Almond in conjunction with the Mango Coconut Cleansing/Conditioner with every "shampoo" and I love the results. Every other treatment I leave on for 60 minutes. The other times I leave on for about 10 mins.
    The products are very pricey but they do produce the results. I purchase on Amazon as I do not want to get locked into the WEN auto ship program. I did check the pricing and I pay no more on Amazon and with Prime I pay no shipping.