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  • S. Smith "Sam" - 2nd Times a CharmMy skin was fairly bad. I was using the Proactiv Wal-Mart equivalent to no avail. I bought the real Proactiv, and had no luck with that either. A few months later I decided to give it another shot. I followed the steps by the book- step 1, dry my face, wait a few minutes. Step 2, wait for it to dry (less time than step 1.) And then step 3. This time, it has worked amazingly. I don't know that maybe my skin has realized I am no longer 14 and decided to stop ruining me, or that it is because of the Proactiv. I'm still going to keep using it, because I do not want to find out.

    Also, I follow step 3 with Equate medicated acne gel. It's not even a gel, but I use it all over my face each time. And, these products WILL bleach your towels/clothes. Definitely wash your hands thoroughly before touching anything else.
  • Misty Kimble "Misty" - My Crohn's Disease is manageable w/o medsI was diagnosed with Crohn's disease last September. I was in a lot of pain because I had inflammation from my stomach all the way to the other end. Conventional meds weren't working so my doctor told me in December that I would have to go on Humira or Remicaid or would be facing surgery in the next year. Either would cost me about $600/month out of pocket. I got the BTVC and started the diet Jan 5, 08. I didn't do the intro portion and jumped right into eating whatever I wanted. I had some relief but was still taking pain meds. I joined a Yahoo group dedicated to SCD and found out about the intro diet. I started that on Feb 5. My pain stopped within 48 hours and I have only had a couple of "flares" or setbacks as I call them since. I slowly add food one thing at a time to my diet, go back to intro when I eat something that doesn't agree with me, and I couldn't be happier. The reason most people fail on this diet is because they eat advanced foods to fast. I am currently off all meds and haven't had to take a pain pill since Feb 5. Go to and look at the stages they have outlined. They don't work for everyone, but will give you and idea of what is considered an advanced food. Try the diet if you have digestive issues. I promise it's worth it.
  • Ron Wilms - Two Time Layed Off Job SeekerThis is a complete job seekers book that starts with "what do I really enjoy doing" to how to go after and get that job. Over 70% of jobs our found through networking. Bolles goes through how this is done, informational interviewing, interviewing and wage negotiations. I have updated and used this book for several job searches and buy it for friends that are seeking work.
  • W. E. Baehr "whipperin1" - Great Guide for Religious PeopleDon't let the title stop you from reading this book if you are religious because reading this book could wise you up enough to refuse to drink the purple Kool-aid at one of your cult's gatherings. I tried to use the title of the book in this review but Amazon would not allow it. How hypocritical that Amazon sells a book with a title word that is censored in reviews.