MOSA - Medical Officers of Schools Association - MOSA - Medical Officers of Schools Association. Caring for children and young people. It is the objective of the Association to offer guidance and support, and encourage the application of the highest of medical standards in the educational environment.

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  • Dan Seidman - Works great, for my 15 year-old sonFeedback is it's pretty much the same as 2010. This is a good thing, considering Microsoft's 2007 changed the interface and confused everyone, until you figured it out. Why? To rationalize the release of a new version?

    And the best ting about Word here is that it' has publisher layouts to choose from which are extremely well-designed.

    Biggest problem with Word is that doing creative things has always been a pain. My text box won't stay in place! Or, the text moves with the images!

    They've addressed that by providing a better interface.

    Good upgrade, very, very happy with it.
  • doctor me - I am a doctor and it works!After having acne for over 30 years and being on Accutane 3 times, the Exposed Acne treatment is the only thing that has worked consistently for me for over 5 years. I know it works because every time I forget or am unable to use it for a few days, my acne returns. As an MD, I can get anything for acne and I choose Exposed Acne skin care!
  • Meaghan Loy - So easy to keep track!I really like this calendar. Although my kids aren't old enough to have a lot of extracurricular activities, I work full time and my husband is a firefighter working 24 hour shifts. We have a lot of meetings and trainings, plus I work some nights and weekends, but this calendar makes it easy to keep track. We especially like the big activity stickers, so I can walk by and know someone has a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, for example. I also like the paper - it isn't glossy so I don't worry about smearing pen all over the place. You could easily use pencil if you prefer. We previously used the Sandra Boynton Mom's Family Calendar, which has the stickers as well but each family member has a column. I think this would make sense if your kids were older, but for us I like to look at our schedule by day or week instead of by person. The only con is that the paper is a bit thin, like notebook paper more than card stock.
  • Julia M. Robertson - Great Tale about RacismAnn Coulter has hit one out of the park in her latest book, "Mugged."

    She tells the story of racism and race-baiting in contemporary politics. At once humorous and serious, we are seeing her analysis played out in the 2012 campaign.

    The real racists are the liberals of all colors who try to hide their failed social policies behind the term racist.

    The ultimate victims are both black Americans and white Americans. This book should be required reading at every college in the US.

    Get it, read it, and be not afraid.