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  • Clayster - excellent product

    This is my first apple product and am quite impressed. It's fast, light, thin, and connects easily to wifi. Perfect size for the kindle app as well, works better than most e-readers for reading purposes. The screen is actually much larger than the 7" tablets with the standard aspect ration, and has a nice width to it. The width to height ratio is more toward the width side of things than most tablets, which I strongly prefer and it means bigger text with news articles and less scrolling. The resolution isn't great but it's fine because of the small screen.

  • Penn Name - Uranium 4 Uranus

    What can I say? I'm on medication that causes severe constipation. I bought this item with one of the recommended applicators. It works like a charm! I've never been happier!!

    Wifey does insist that I use public toilets but that's a small price to pay!