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  • Bryan - Not about not dating, excellent insight!This book has had more impact on my life than any other book out there (save the Bible). Josh's point is not that we should give up dating, but re-examine how we go about finding a spouse in light of our relationship with Jesus Christ. When we do that, many will realize that today's dating is not a Christ-like way of finding someone he intends for us. He raises topics such as the defects of dating, how we should view the opposite sex.

    MOST of the reviews that did not like this book missed the entire point of the novel, which is that dating should never be to gain experience in treating people, because we lead the other person into thinking we have feelings beyond what we have for them. The same goes for dating for enjoyment and having a successful dating life, which are selfish ambitions. Josh's key point is that love is not about what we get but what we give (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) and how we can best honor the other person. True friendship will yield the knowledge of the opposite sex we need and courtship and marriage are simply the end results of Godly-directed friendship with the right person.

    Kudos to you Josh! You changed my life forever!
  • stacy - Dermatend WorksI went to a dermatologist to get some moles checked out and some were scheduled for surgical removal, even though they weren't at a high risk of being cancerous. I actually cancelled surgery because I didn't want the doctor to remove this one mole on my lower tummy. It is perfect to me and has not changed, ever. I looked into natural mole removal and came across Dermatend. There were some good reviews and some not so good reviews. I decided to try the product, since there was a 60-day money-back guarantee. I followed the instructions exactly how they were and removed moles. I even documented two of my larger moles on my forehead, as posted on Facebook. Type in: Dermatend - Review - Removes Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags. The moles have not grown back, thank goodness! The product claimed to remove up to 15 moles but I removed 26 throughout my body. There was no pain and no scarring. People do not even know I had moles where they used to be. If I had to point to the exact spots where the moles were, I would not be successful. This one mole on my nose was removed and grew back about one week later. I re-applied Dermatend and the second time it worked. I have not had any other problems with this wonderful product. I used the Quick Healing Balm, as well as 100% Pure Vitamin E oil to speed up the healing and prevent any scarring. Once the first tube of Dermatend was used up, I purchased a second one, with the balm. I had a lot of moles and now I am nearly mole-less. Oh, and that beautiful little birth mark mole I refused to have removed by the doctor is still with me.
  • K. Owens - Syrups are not good but I used real syrup from Sam's and it's greatI have had the unit for about a week and have tried all 6 flavors in the sample pack. They all had the after taste from the sucralose and just weren't very good. I used Mio drops and they made a really good low calorie drink. I purchased the natural soda mixes from Bed Bath and Beyond (the ones with sugar) but they just weren't as good as I had hoped. I decided to bite the bullet and went to Sams club and bought a 2.5 gallon box of Fanta Orange for $33. I also bought this in order to pour the syrup from the bag into a container that would make it easy to pour into the bottle after carbonating. Since the mix is different I just converted the liters into cups and determined that 1 liter is pretty much 4.25 cups. Since the mix is 5 to 1 I filled a bottle up to the fill line to carbonate then poured out a little less than 3/4 cup (approx 1/6 of the amount) and marked it on the bottle. I now carbonate a full bottle then pour out some of the water to get it to the line I marked...then fill in syrup till it reaches the fill line. What I end up with is fantastic Orange tastes exactly like Fanta because it is Fanta.

    On Sam's website they sell RC and a few other flavors by the gallon so that is what I will eventually wind up doing...2.5 gallons is a ton of syrup
  • SpeckledLemon - Kids are amusingI'm 15. When I was 7 I didn't know what Pink Floyd was, didn't think I'd be listening to it. Well, I am, and it sure is better than all the crap that these stupid generic rappers are churning out today. Who have no talent at all. Also, if your going to be writing a review on a respectable website like this, you should learn to spell, esp. if you think you're so grand. You wish you could play guitar like David Gilmour. It's people like you who have no appreciation for any form of art whatsoever and are an embarassment to society.

    Eric B.
  • oloung1 - great plasti-dip sprayer handlei bought this handle specifically for plastidip can spraying, so if you are using any other cans,
    your results may vary. ive used 8 full bottles and changed out half bottles at least 10 times.

    for short term usage = 10 to 20 plastidip bottles means less fatigue on your spraying hand.
    ive read other reviews before i typed mine and i have not noticed any loose fitting or connecting
    after changing out the bottles 20 times. other users may have changed out bottles much more than my jobs needed.
    also the type of can could play another difference. i have noticed visually there is some wear on the edge
    of the collar where the ring connects to the bottle.

    for the price, it may be more expensive than the old 2 piece plastic and spring $2.99 at your local stores
    and might be the same price as the comfort models at home depot or lowes but this was the perfect accessory
    to get the job done faster and with less soreness the next day.

    also-sometimes it was better to spray from the can itself without the handle, due to angles of the pieces i was working with.

    CAUTION: when i was dipping my car pieces, i noticed that if i rapid fire the trigger - part of my learning how to dip - i noticed on 2 occasions that my plastidip nozzle would rotate enough to cause the trigger head to push down at an angle, this means your spray nozzle will lean towards one side and it might cause some overspray. i cant tell if it was my poor positioning of my spray handle or the "comfort" grove on the plasti-dip spray nozzle.

    in summary, great handle, great results - just watch out to make sure your nozzle head on your spray can doesn't turn to the side in between coats. well worth the money when you get the same results, in less time and without any soreness the next day from spraying.