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  • Liu Wei - I like this camera.Being a GF2 user, I upgrade my gear with this G5 body after studying it and reviewing other users' comments. The key features I am eager are: a 100% range EVF, a high-res rotatable LCD screen, and a better high-ISO performance. After a few days try out, this little one meets my expectation. I am satisfied with the size -- it's small and light enough for easy carrying like GF2 (just a little larger than GF2, but still much smaller than I expected). The EVF and LCD are good. Especially the LCD, it's much better than my old GF2's. The high-ISO performance is improved too. ISO 1600 is acceptable. If you use RAW, noise could be redueced dramatically by lightroom. So far, I am very satisfied with this camera and would recommand it to all of you.
  • Rebecca Brown "rebeccasreads" - re-thinking our sexualityPart I of PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS poses several important & unsettling questions among which are:
    Why do we fall out of love & our relationships fail?
    When our "perfect" match leaves, why are we so crazy?
    Why are women & men at such odds with each other?
    Having gotten rid of our sexual hang-ups, why do we suffer sexual hangovers?
    How can we make enduring love as well as sustainable relationships?
    How can we break the spell of biology?
    How can we exercise saner sex?With scientific research, wisdom from the Ancients of the East, personal stories, & healthy doses of humor in the form of aphorisms from the trenches of the battlefield between the sexes, PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS is an accessible guide for all Readers who know there is something unhealthy, unsatisfying & unexplained in their failing sexual relationships. Remember, 50% of all American marriages end in divorce, & no one knows the % of relationships which never make it to the ring stage.Part II of PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS is the How of healing what has tied the best of us up in knots for most of our sexual life. Offering ancient, tried & true exercises in a joyful, stressless way. ... recommends PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS as an earnest & hopeful, intelligent & amusing adventure in re-discovering our sexuality. It then shows us how to open our hearts & re-train our bodies & minds to re-create healthy sexual relationships.
  • Starvin Owen - 250GB PS3 for $79 :DThe games alone are worth $60 together and Already had a $60 dollar gift card which I don't consider as money. So $199 - $60 (games worth) - $(60) gift card = $79 :D

    Well that's how I justify buying it & I'm super happy with the deal & my weird justification :)

    Sorry to everyone who couldn't snatch the deal on time (you might still be able to at stores by midnight or tomorrow) and to those who did, ROCK ON! :D

    Ohh.. and this isn't a review, more like a Congratulation letter :D
  • Sahar Shahin - Very Enlightening with some myth-bustingDon't expect to be too surprised by the information in this book. Many of the differences between men and women are common knowledge. We all know, for example, that men watch much much more porn than women. However, expect to be surprised a few times by the time you've finished the book.

    What the book really does for you is quantify and provide context. It's a very interesting read about a very popular subject, so you will have trouble putting it down!