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  • NWRDGTCHR - The iPod for booksI LOVE to read. However, after having kids it was hard to find time to read. I have tried everything from leaving books in my car to carrying them in my purse. I often lost my place or thought I had my book with me only to find out I had left it at home. The Kindle is small enough to fit into my purse and I carry it everywhere I go. Now I read in the car line waiting to pick my kids up from school, getting my nails done, basketball tournaments, kids music lessons, kids sport practices, and while waiting for doctor appointments with my kids. The Kindle never looses my place and if I finish a book while somewhere that I am not able to buy another one, I can simply turn on the wireless network and download a new one. Another plus is the reduced price on newly released books and being able to make the font bigger. No need to pull out the cheater glasses in public ever again. If you love to read and often carry more than one book with you, you must get one of these. The kindle has done for my book carrying what the iPod did for my music collection. It is a MUST HAVE for those of you who love to read.
  • true believer - absolutely amazing results!!!I bought this because I was having odor problems for years. I had been to the doctor got tested for everything and nithing was wrong.. . and tried every antibiotic available as well as all over the counter treatments. I just figured I would have to live with this problem and almost cried on a daily basis. My husband was very understanding but after 15 years I was so embarassed to b with him.
    NOT ANYMORE! !! I usually think all products are scams...but I was so shocked by this one. Water and stainless steel???? Who knew? I was so desperate to try anything.. and im so glad I came across this. It truly works. I feel fresh all discharge or odor. This thing saved my sex life and my husband is sooooo much happier too. Thank you Abbott! !! U are a Godsend!
  • hendro tri wibowo - great job fuji!I've been using a lot of point and shoot cameras and also dslr , i.e. pentax, olympus, sony, canon, nikon. And i can say this hs50exr is one of the best bridge camera out there. Smaller sensor doesn't mean bad IQ, you just have to find the right configuration to be able to take this camera to the fullest :-). It's using new developed sensor by fuji. Remember the old days when everything is big,.i.e. tv, cell phone. And now everything is smaller,thinner and beautiful :-). Well of course at some point you can not compare the IQ with high end DSLR, but the again you will have to spend thousands of dollars with DSLR. $475 for this fuji is pretty expensive for bridge camera, but believe me, it's worthed :-) you can get nice pics with this camera, don't need to change lenses and the IQ is comparable to mid-end DSLR, IMHO.