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  • Linda M. Perry - So comfortable.This is my ONLY shoe that has enough toe-room AND fits my heel snugly. (Why is it that most shoe manufacturers don't seem to realize that women's heels are narrower than men's?) I got a great pair of comfortable shoes in addition to showing my support for Wendy Davis. No wonder she was able to hold out for 12 hours! Wendy and these shoes are GREAT! I'll be ordering more!
  • Olusola - LeapPad2 vs Innotab 3This review is a basic comparison between the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer, Green and the VTech InnoTab 3 The Learning App Tablet, Blue as I got the two within the same week and tried them with my twins. Here's how they stack up.

    Memory: The LeapPad2 has a 4GB memory while the Innotab3 has a 2GB memory and can accept a microSD card up to 32GB

    Buttons: Both tablets have the same buttons but the Innotab3 has a couple of extras viz a brightness control button, a help button and a lock button at the back for the battery compartment

    Camera and picture quality: The LeapPAD2 comes with 2 cameras, one in front and one in the rear. The picture quality is decent, it does a good job of adapting to the lighting and it has video recording capabilities. The Innotab3 comes with a single camera that can swivel 180 degrees from front to back. The picture quality is very poor. I was extremely underwhelmed

    Initial parental setup: Both tablets took a while (1 hour approximately) to setup the first time but the LeapPAD2 setup was easier and faster. The Innotab3 software hung-up on my computer a few times before I finally got it to install

    Apps: Both systems offer a variety of movie, music and game apps. VTech's (for Innotab3) offered more apps, had a wider variety of characters (Hello Kitty was one that Leapfrog did not have) and the price of the apps ranged from $2.50-30 with the majority being around $5. Leapfrogs appcenter (for the LeapPad2) had fewer apps and they cost more. The cost of the apps needs to be considered before you get too excited about the $20 digital download card that comes with this particular version of the LaepPad2. I was offered a 30% discount on the apps for my first purchase and managed to buy 3 cheap apps.

    Conclusion: The cost of the apps is a major negative for me. Right now my kids are too young to demand for apps but as they grow older, I don't think I will be inclined to fork out $20 per app.