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  • Ryan Kelley "Professional Shark Tamer" - Perfect for financing on my MacBook...QuickBooks 2012 for Mac is a really useful tool for keeping your finances in check. I added this to my new Macbook Pro and am very happy with how easy and simple this is to use. It has a plethora of features that come in handy for creating fast, convenient ways to monitor all of your bills and accounts.

    It allows you to search by keyword for customer or vendor names, transaction types, amounts, dates, and more. The incredibly powerful filters allow you to refine your results and you can even access recent searches and save searches for future accounting sessions. This feature comes in very handy for high-maintenance users who are constantly going in and out of the program.

    In addition to the new features I mentioned above, QuickBooks 2012 for Mac also simplifies multi-step tasks like Progress Invoicing, creating multiple invoices from a single estimate over time.
    As a small-business owner I've been using QuickBooks for over 6 years and 2012 is easily the most compelling Mac version to date. Intuit assures me that the company is committed to QuickBooks for Mac and that it plans to update it for future versions. I highly recommend.
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