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  • eva kitty bumbulucz - Inspiering!Julia Cameron was able to inspire me with the tell of her own experiences. I am a Norwegian so please excuse my English. The authour made me believe in the way to open up when you're creativity is blocked. I managed to write a novel about my parents escape from Hungary in 1956 ( 263 pages novel which made me sign a contract with my first publisher ever). Because I decided to believe the text in the book , I also managed to open up my believe in the universal power of inspiration. Follow your instinct, let go and believe in the creativity that speaks through you. THANK YOU JULIA CAMERON for writing this book. I already recommanded it to a lot of people :-)
  • Uncle Bob - Essential knowledge for sufferers of bowel diseaseTwo months of no response to serious medications for ulcerative colitis and after two weeks of adhering to the diet outlined in this book my health improved dramatically.
  • Nola Prof - nice large squares for keeping track of daily activitiesThis calendar is perfect if you need to keep track of many activities. The daily squares are large with plenty of room to write in. The pictures are beautiful and since it is in black and white it goes well with any decor. We hang ours on a magnet hook on the fridge and everyone can add their daily reminders and important events.
  • swizzler - Simple, comfortable coverageEasy to put on and take off, this does not snag my long hair and holds it all in place. I don't even need to use a hair tie, I can just wrap up my hair on the top of my head and pop this cap on over it and it works perfectly. The material is high quality and with regular rinsing after laps in the chlorinated pool it holds up well after lots of use.