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  • Daniel Zantzinger "Daniel Zantzinger@earthli... - Why it is one of Pink Floyd's bestFear, angst, alienation find a salve in Roger Waters' seminal work, The Wall. David Gilmour's vocals and guitar purify Waters' dark, bleak lyrical world, while Nick Mason's always-on percussion kick in the windows and smash in the doors of the oppressed and oppressors. Post-war disillusion and a domineering mother models Pink's childhood, and fosters isolation in subsequent intimate relationships. This is not background music but rather a soundtrack for those of us coming to terms with the post-industrial, post-patriarchal paradigm.
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  • Bruno Soares - Great fit, genuine productOrdered this last week after some helpful answers to my question, received it in 2 days and installed it right away. Perfect fit for my 2013 Santa Fe Sport. This net is the envelope style that sits at the front of the trunk and allows you to carry smaller items inside to avoid getting things rolling everywhere in the trunk. It's not very big but enough for a few grocery bags that contain more fragile items. Works well too for an umbrella or ice scraper. I recommend this item, especially for the perfect fit and easy installation.
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