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  • Niel Lambrechts - Ultimate Pink FloydThe main reviewer of this album must be a techno-freak or something, but to the rest of us who like Pink Floyd this is an AWESOME album. I have owned this album for over 6 years and I still love it. Cluster one is a memorable piano/guitar opening which reminds of an elegant car ad. The best song on the album is high hopes, which embraces the atmosphere of the whole album. This album is really one of the only ones I have ever listened to that manages to take me to a different world (it reminds me of green wetlands). Other songs that are very good on it is A great day for freedom, Take it back, and especially Coming back to life. If only I can find more music that are as freshly unique and masterfully crafted!
  • L. Mason - It worksyou have to eat a big breakfast then take the pill and you wont want anything else the rest of the day take 3 pills around 6pm and I am good for the day
  • kingement - Yes it is quieter, by design. Different design than a typical dryer.First off... don't expect silence, as it still is a hair dryer with a motor and fan. But this is certainly quieter than any hair dryer I have ever used. Those expecting 'whisper quiet' or silence should wait for Dyson to come up with a $500-$600 magic hair dryer. With this, you can carry on a normal conversation, without raised voices while using it.

    It was immediately apparent on my initial examination... the key to the quiet design is that it includes a 'Squirrel Cage' type fan (see the images I published above). This type of fan, due to its larger diameter, requires lower revolutions-per-minute to produce the same air flow as a straight through in-line fan. With the slower turning, this makes for an inherently quieter motor requirement. The audible frequencies of this unit are, therefore, in a lower 'hushed' range. This is also how central heat/air conditioning units produce air flow, also very quietly.

    Some have mildly complained/commented that this is a 'big' hair dryer. It is true that this is no compact unit, nor was it intended to be. it is a salon size hair dryer. It is a bit bigger (wider) than most, but it is a fair trade-off for the quietness. It is not obtrusively large compared to other full sized dryers and, in my opinion, is not at all heavy for it's size. It, however, needs to be wider than others in order to include this fan which, as I noted before, is larger in diameter and is oriented perpendicular to normal dryers.

    Another contributer to air noise in general is air turbulence. This dryer has more air intake area, which should contribute to less turbulent flow of air being drawn in. Any restrictions in air flow cause turbulence, and will result in noise. The perfect example being the 'speed-booster' included with the unit, which helps to produce 50 mph air-speed according to the literature. All it is is a restrictor oriface that goes on the front air outlet. The forcing of more air through the smaller exit does make the air travel faster, but at the expense of more noise due to turbulence. It kind of defeats the purpose if this dryer for me, but it works in case you need more air speed. I don't expect frequent use of this.

    The rocker switches feel of higher quality than on typical department store brands, but this, as well as the overall quality and design, should be expected of a dryer in this upper price range. As far as any negative reviews noting longevity problems, I can't speak to that as I only opened the box today. Time will tell, and if problem arise, can always come back for an update to this review. I expect longevity to maintain the 5 stars I have given it.

    I believe it hits the design point spot-on for the intended product market. I am pleased so far with the initial product quality and design.
  • Shela Simpson - Great Archive CollectionI considered purchasing this Thread's archive collection for quite a while, and finally decided to just do it as a treat to myself. The DVD arrived quickly and in good condition. The price on Amazon was about $10 less than the selling price on the Taunton site.

    I installed the DVD into my computer and was very happy to find that you DO NOT NEED an internet connection to make the disc function. It is completely stand-alone. Install it, and it is ready to use. The collection contains each complete magazine from set for the years 1985 to and including 2012. Beware that there is another set available for about $10 less than this set, but it does NOT INCLUDE the year 2012, it simply go up to the year 2012. The covers appear very similar so pay attention to the fine print. You can browse the archives on your screen in either Windows or Adobe. I prefer the Adobe view because it just seems to be a bit crisper and cleaner, more like actually looking at the magazine itself. You can print any pages you desire and jump from issue to issue with ease. Each page of the magazine is displayed, including the advertisements. The table of contents makes searching easier.

    If you are a fan of Threads, and if you find yourself wishing you could look back to prior issues for help, this is most certainly the way to go. While the cost is high, it is worth the investment. I am quite pleased with this DVD and would highly recommend it for anyone who sews and for anyone beginning to sew.