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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Lovely - Great fun!I have been looking forward to this game for a long time, watching videos online had me prepared to create my own city. I love the layout and the game itself. I am shocked to see so many negative reviews, everyone seems to want to complain about Orgin or the Online aspects. I understand why they are doing it, and have no problem with it.

    I have been playing all morning! And will be playing all day and week, and month, year, beyond! I love the challenge aspect of it, keeping the city flowing. Anyways now i am just rambling. I would recommend this game to everyone who is looking to just have a good time creating your city, and networking with friends, and making some new ones.
  • Metalhead - Works Wonderful!Just installed Spyware Doctor w/ Antivirus 2011 and it works wonderful on all 3 systems!! :) Always have been happy w/ this product, unsure why people have such issues w/ this....
  • Susan Copple - I couldn't put this down; interesting history during the life and times of Jesus the ChristThe authors did a fine job of laying out the facts and truths about Jesus the Christ. The book left me with certain questions that I will have to research to resolve, and also left me questioning why they left out certain events and relationships. But the book doesn't shortchange the reader: it's the facts, ma'am, just the facts. The book is easy to follow and understand. I loved reading about the Roman and Jewish leaders and their manipulating politics. The book is a home run. Well done Bill and Martin.
  • Jianulla Zimmerman - Everyone should read this book.Very well written. Takes us through the garbage we all have contributed to. And makes an urgent plea for more re-use of garbage to create energy, and for people to stop buying things that we don't need and so creating less stuff we need to throw away. A very good read and something that sets me on fire.
  • RMurray847 - Even with minor quibbles...this is too strong not to give 5 starsI'm a huge Rush I'm going to totally ignore the entire issue of whether Rush really needs to put out a concert DVD & CD after every tour. As far as I'm concerned, the answer is YES. If you're NOT a fan, why would you care how many they produce. And if you ARE a fan, you're probably a big fan...and thus, the more the merrier.

    So how does TIME MACHINE compare to RUSH IN RIO, RUSH 30 and SNAKES AND ARROWS? Well, each of those prior releases had issues. RIO had some very sketchy sound mix issues, particularly in the early going...but it also beautifully capture the enthusiasm of that giant crowd. The set list was very nice as well...I'm always happy to have "Natural Science!" The 30th anniversary show is, IMO, the weakest of the bunch...partially because the show is incomplete (no "Between the Wheels!!") and partially because the German audience is lackluster at best. SNAKES AND ARROWS was of excellent quality, but for me, the set list was not the strongest. I'm not a huge fan of "Spindrift" or "Armor & Sword."

    TIME MACHINE has a primarily very solid sound mix. Occasionally, there are issues, such as the nearly missing guitar in the opening third of TOM SAWYER...but overall, it's very good. Geddy's vocals are spotty...on "Temples of Syrinx" he is pretty much unintelligible. I understand the high notes he hit in the `70s are tough now (aren't they for all of us who were in high school at that time!), but it's still a bit unpleasant to listen to. On the other hand, more current work such as "Far Cry" and "Faithless" really showcase Geddy very nicely.

    So from a quality standpoint, TIME MACHINE is right up there with the best of the other shows. So what about the set? Here is where TIME MACHINE really wins the 5 stars, in my opinion. First of all, the complete MOVING PICTURES? Are you kidding me? If you saw the show live, perhaps you got chills like I did when "Camera Eye" started, finally, after all these years. What a great 45 minutes of concert-going that all way. And the discs have captured it very well. Other great choices to hear include "Presto" and the under-rated but fantastic "Marathon." And having "La Villa Strangiato" is always a huge plus, in my book, and they knock it out of the park. They also have some good reggae fun with "Working Man"...more than in the past, so that was a treat too. The only minor grumble I have is that Neil's drum solo isn't as exciting as some in the past . (Don't get me wrong, he's still a miracle-worker.)

    So the above commentary works for the CD (which I own), the DVD and the blu ray (which I own.) I was going to post in the CD section, but now it appears that a posting to the CD also ends up with the bluray and vice versa. So, here's additional thoughts on the blu ray: it's great! Great visuals (Rush's light show has never looked better on video) and outstanding sound. I wish the bonus materials included the show finale with Paul Rudd and Jason Segal reprising their I LOVE YOU MAN characters, but I hear there were contractual things preventing that. Otherwise, you might be amused at some truly vintage videos from the early `70s of Rush performing "Anthem" (why don't they bring THAT song back to their set list!) and "Need Some Love." Also, watch through the closing credits of the concert to see and hear a Polka version of "Closer to the Heart." Hilarious!

    So that's my humble opinion of Rush's latest offering. If you love this band, you already own this anyway, I'm guessing. So all I can say is: Not in the Rock `n' Roll Hall of Fame?? Are you kidding me!?!?!