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City: 94110 San Francisco, California


    First of all, let me just say that this product is absolutely exquisite in its overall worth to society... been waiting a long time, for a tool that will properly define a boundary for those of us having a hard time determining if it is indeed a child or parent we are dealing with. With that being said, the availability in 10-15 packs to start with and the now, more affordable and affable 5 pack made perfect sense and is actually an ingenious marketing strategy on the manufacturers part, as I have already lost 6.5 of my original ten pack order as one had broken in half when I missed a parental test study's head and the tester broke in half on his dim-witted, yet hot as hell to trot, soccer mom/milf's thick as hell, and highly impervious forehead. The other 6 are being held by local law inforcement as "evidence" in on-going investigations.

    Overall a must for anyone of human origins, and a would buy again selection!

  • Gisela Estrada - Excellent

    My gift for my son. He really love it. Now he wanted to buy the tec to transform the tablet into a lap top.

  • Loretta M. Bober - Re Light glare

    We throw an aluminized survival blanket (only a couple of dollars) over unit which reflects light back onto plants and also keeps them warmer which increases growth in addition to eliminating the light glare - Love this unit - fun, productive, educational, organic, easy and probably money saving in long run - worth every cent

  • Mr. Michael A. Prince - Outstanding device

    I LOVE this device.

    Others have talked about the device, so I figure I'll provide some tips to new Lumia users (cool things I found):

    Apps - going to sound like a Nokia commercial, but these are the ones I use most:

    * Smartshoot - takes several photos in succession and lets you EASILY pick / choose the best bits of each to make one good photo
    * Cinemagraph - Take a short video and animate certain pieces of it while leaving the other parts still (youtube it)
    * Nokia Music - Free and ad-free, new music with offline access (no data charges). This must cost Nokia money, but who care, I paid for the phone
    * Nokia Drive+ - Free turn by turn voice guided GPS that uses the same maps as Garmin
    * Metrotube - Awesome Youtube app
    * Photobeamer - send a photo from your screen to any web enabled device - mindbendingly simple and one of those apps that you can't understand how it's not 'magic'

    Visual and music search - just hit the search button and then choose the eye - you can scan QR codes, bar codes, Microsoft tags etc. without an app. If you hit the 'musical note' icon, it will listen to a song and tell you the name, again, no app required

    Kids corner - allow your kids to bypass the lock on your phone but only get to their apps.

    Wireless charging - this is more awesome than you can imagine if you haven't used it.

    Skydrive - works like iCloud but is available on Android, Xbox, iphone and Windows 7 and 8. Take a pic or video, and it will automatically be on your PC, Xbox or other device. Upload an office doc to Skydrive and edit it on the web or your phone.