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  • Fladabosco - These are the world's greatest blinders!These blinders are perfect! They are plastic, you can't see through them and they have three rings for the nose and ears. I can imagine any repub on paper at least, getting all the flesh toys he could want with these blinders. And blinders are the perfect way to keep people from seeing that the business, the agenda, the hopes and dreams of the gop are to convince us that they care about anything other than making the richest people even richer and richer and richer.
  • David B Pasquarello - Great TabletThe tablet is fast has a bright screen and when connected to the optional; keyboard makes it lite a tiny laptop.
  • D. Sharp "really Pat" - MY NEW ELECTRONIC LOVEI think the title says it all. This Kindle is very comfortable to hold. The ability to change the font size is great for older people. To download a book from Amazon is more than easy. I happen to live in an area where the Whisper Network for Sprint does not work but does work just a few miles away. I order my books on-line and then merely download them to my Kindle when I run to town. The time it takes to download a book is hardly measurable.

    By the way, I purchased a re-furbished Kindle 1.
  • Steph - The neck slimmer really works..:)Hi I saw this neck Genie on Tv and was very skeptical but I thought I would try it anyway cause I got it at an amazing price... This really works...u can actually feel your muscles in your jawline working... I love the neck Genie... 3 days of use u can see a difference Results are great...:) highly reccomend ...
  • Urban Momma - Better than a regular highchair!We got this to bring with us to out to dinner and when we go to family events. We got the Teak which is dark taupe/light blue color. It's true to color, great quality, love how easy it is to remove from the frame to wash. I researched tons of highchairs like this and couldn't be happier with it.
    -It fits most tables
    -Little one can sit at the table with you
    -Nice pocket on the back of the chair to stow spoon, bib, food, toys or wipes
    -Has a carry bag sewn into the bottom, through an almost hidden pocket, easy to stuff carry bag into pocket to keep out of the way when attached to table
    -Bottom half of chair arms articulate inwards so that chair folds flat (about 3-4" wide when folded)
    -Seat area has nice padding, and firm board undernieth to provide solid support
    -There are adjustable straps sewn into the back that come around little ones sides and buckles in the front to hold your little guy/gal in tightly even if you have a little skinny infant
    -Seat buckle is covered by velcro to keep out of reach of tiny curious fingers
    -Cover can be unsnapped and washed!
    -Easy to put on table
    -Folds fairly flat and is lightweight

    -There is a 1" gap between the table and bar that holds baby in, food, spoons and toys can slip between and fall on the floor. Using a bib with acatching pocket on the bottom works well to help avoid this
    -The knobs undernieth that tighten twist opposite to what you are used to ("Righty tighty" and "Lefty Loosey" don't work) so the first couple of times I was tightening it instead of loosening it, but figured it out quick enough
    -Carry bag has drawstring on the edge, but wish it had a strap you could put over your shoulder. Small disadvantage.

    Overall it is an EXCELLENT chair and I highly recommend it. Our son enjoys it!