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  • chauck - Great Appliance

    We bought this as an early Christmas present to ourselves. We bought it at BB&B ($220 minus the 20% coupon), and have been using it for three weeks. We read lots of reviews and solutions to problems ... we learned a lot. Bottom line, it's a great machine, but maybe not right out of the box. We live at 6200 feet, and use a tip we read online. At altitude, you can experience two streams going into your cup - one is coffee & the other is water (not supposed to happen & gives you weaker drinks). Poke a toothpick hole in the center of the pod ... it works. Next, the plastic taste ... it's real, but defeatable. I tried the standard reservoir flushes & hot water cycles with no pods in place, but still had a plastic taste. Eventually tried the vinegar trick, with a caveat. When you've got that much vinegar smell in the air, it's hard to know when you have completely flushed the tank and plumbing. I wasted a pod of coffee because of my impatience ... vinegar flavored coffee is not something you want to experience! I used some baking soda in the reservoir to neutralize the vinegar and ran several cycles through the plumbing. We have been getting perfect coffee ever since. The low water interrupt is more annoying than it should be ... there is still lots of water when the Vue stops to tell you to fill up. The noise that some people complain about is minimal ... it makes coffee maker noises, it's no jack hammer. All in all, we are totally happy with it & recommend it highly.

  • Penn Name - Uranium 4 Uranus

    What can I say? I'm on medication that causes severe constipation. I bought this item with one of the recommended applicators. It works like a charm! I've never been happier!!

    Wifey does insist that I use public toilets but that's a small price to pay!