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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

City: Amsterdam, North Holland

  • Tim Brown - Very happy!Just got done using one that was given us today. My mother has had one for quite some time and I've used it many times. Works great!

    I know that there are many here who have rated it poorly, saying "it sticks" or something similar. I have to point out that one thing you have to do with this pan before you use it is *season it*. Coat with vegetable oil, put in 300 degree oven for an hour, let it cool, then wipe it off.

    I've had pans before that I forgot to season and they did work poorly. Don't know if the problems other reviewers here are due to that, but I did it and no problems here.
  • Sharon - ExcellentReceived the book in excellent condition and on time. The information in the book was easy to understand and very helpful. Everyone's health could benefit from reading this book. Includes information on how to treat and prevent recurrence of yeast. Information covers diet, supplements, and prescription medicine to treat yeast and restore your health. Love it.
  • Deb Duck "dgk" - the perfect solution for sharing between a pc and mac!I'm working on a video project with different contributors. Some use PCs and some use Macs. We needed a way to share and archive the video footage. The seagate backup plus comes with an NTSC driver. You don't even really need to know all the techy details about how this works (I sure don't ;), but it's like PCs and Macs speak a different languages and the NTSC driver is the translator.

    Bottom line is that IT JUST WORKS! plug it into either system and it loads up fine (I use windows 7 64 bit). I already bought 2 of these awesome drives and am in the process of grabbing another 2.

    The only caveat is to make sure the systems have the usb 3 port. If not, then you may want to also grab the seagate firewire adapter (firewire 800/USB 2.0 STAE105). DON'T use the usb 2 ... slower than molasses (for moving large video files). But if you don't have usb3, the firewire adapter will make this drive a great solution for sharing/saving work on both mac and PC.