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  • Robert Fuggetta "robblob" - An Ode to Jug of MilkOh Jug of Milk
    So strong yet supple
    Combined with cookies
    You make the perfect couple

    Flexible art thou
    Served cold, hot, or shaken
    You look so tempting
    Aside my eggs and bacon

    Some men like the form slim
    Petite and small
    Give me my jug of milk
    Rubenesque and tall
  • John J. Callahan "Jeff" - Kindle versionHaving purchased the 2010 version, I decided to drop the new version in my tablet so I'd always have it with me. This book is an easy to read yet comprehensive resource with great ideas about how to stand out from the crowd throughout the entire hiring process, how to develop multiple ways to identify opportunities and connect with key decision makers. This book if chock full of concise, actionable strategies that are geared towards today's job search environment. I will read and re-read ...btw the website is recommended as well.