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  • Noel William Campbell - Finally - the technology is here.At long last....the days of nearly gouging an eye out with my bananas are over. I was on Amazon, planning to buy a pair of ballistic safety goggles, when serendipity struck. I saw this phenomenal product and immediately realized the safety implications of slicing the dangerous banana shape into slimy little hockey pucks. Hutzler isn't just making banana pancakes easier - it's pretty much saving lives.
  • - This book saved my young daughter's health !When my daughter was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn's disease at the age of only 11, doctors told us that the only way to wrest control of this inflammatory bowel disease was to put her on large doses of steroids and immune-suppressing drugs. Knowing that steroids can cause children's bones to thin and their growth to be delayed (as well as weight gain and other unpleasant and dangerous side effects), my husband and I were determined, if possible, to find another way to help our child back to health. What we found was "Breaking the Vicious Cycle,"a wonderful, easy-to-read and to understand book whose eating plan has literally saved our daughter's health.Using the book's informational sections as background and its recipes as marching orders, we completely changed the way our family was eating. Out went anything with sugar, grains, additives, colorings, preservatives and lactose; in came fresh and cooked fruits and vegetables, wonderful, homemade yogurt and frozen yogurt; lean fish, foul, pork and red meat; nuts; seeds; butter and honey. Within two weeks, our daughter -- formerly too sick to attend school and bleeding internally -- began to feel better. Within a month, she was almost symptom-free. Today -- six months later -- she hardly remembers she has Crohn's.To say that our family is grateful to Elaine Gottschall for writing this book is a vast understatement. I urge anyone suffering from Crohn's or other IBD to buy the book , to study its premise, and to put it into action. The life you save may be your own -- or your child's!
  • Barry - CD is the ultimate chill cdI'm 23 years of age and I'm one of those people who actually appreciate the older bands and artists for their raw talent, it wasnt always for the money but for the love. My mother always listened to Pink Floyd as I was growing up and when I was young I always made fun of it I guess because it wasnt cool to listen to this stuff when you are 10-12 years old. Pink Floyd has now become one of my favorite bands ever. IMHO...this is the best sounding album they have, its so smooth from start to finish. Its a record you can play while relaxing and you will just completely be overwhelmed by the music. Its so odd that all my friends that like a lil Pink Floyd here and there have never even heard of this album, I always tell them to pick it up and give it a shot cuz they dont know what they are missing, but they wont...thats fine though its their loss. If you like Floyd go get this album, throw it in the cd player and play it loud, admire the sound. "Marooned" is one of my favorite tracks on the album, no words to it just a relaxing tune. The whole album is great though. Go get it!
  • R. Anderson - It does everything I need for tracking my financesI've been using Quicken since 2006 to track my personal finances. I've always liked their products, and have never had any real complaints about the software. Deluxe 2012 is no different. I upgraded from 2011 with this software. I don't see a lot of changes/improvements, but that's OK with me because the software works, it's stable and once you get use to the navigation and report writing, it's a breeze to use.

    I bank with a small credit union, so I am unable to download my banking transactions automatically into the software. Those have to be manually entered as I make them. However, my credit union only requires 12 debit transactions a month, so once I meet that requirement, I start using my credit cards since I get cash rewards for using them. So the amount of transactions I have to manually enter a month is pretty small.

    I do have my credit cards (currently Chase, American Express, Citibank) set up to auto-download transactions into Quicken. This definitely makes tracking purchases and keeping balances up to date an easy task. Quicken is reasonably good at assigning the correct expense category to purchases, but sometimes it does require manual correction. I also have my 3 Scottrade accounts (one regular account and 2 Roth IRA accounts) linked to Quicken which is nice for keeping track of trades and current balances.

    I also have a car load synced through Chase, and that seems to work fine as well.

    I really enjoy the ability to run monthly and annual expense reports to see what we spend our money on, and which vendors we spend money at the most. Sometimes that can be a bit shocking (hello Jimmy Johns!). Bill reminders are also a great feature. You can set up a list of all your monthly recurring bills with reminders, so when they get close to due dates, the software will remind you. This has saved me several times in making sure I don't forget to pay the power bill.

    I'm an accountant, and so is my wife, so one thing we really like is the budgeting feature. About every 6 months I like to go back and compare our budget expenses to actual and see how we did. This is useful to see if we've been dining out a little more than we should, stuff like that. Keeps you honest and in view of your spending.

    Overall I really like this software, it's been stable, reliable and very helpful to our finances. It does seem that people have issues with it after reading several reviews, but maybe they're using features that I don't, so I don't encounter those issues? Personally the software does exactly what I need it to do and without issues. If you're looking to track your personal finances and get rid of that manual checkbook ledger, this is a great solution.