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  • Pen Name - Keep you from going softSince I can remember nutrition watching has alway been a big plan in my athletic career from the pros to the peewee league. the year was.......2012.... No 11....... Doesn't matter my Xbox 360 was borrowed and never return. The games had to stop. how I found this child hood formula from the gods is a lost mystery only to be obtain with vegence. Starting of slow with the original ensure drink the increasing to the complete kit got me back on the fields and courts. Lets just say when I find him (lol)
  • R. Fornfeist - Thank goodness I was talked into this procedureI was talked into trying the h202 treatment by friends. Were they ever right in touting the positives about hydrogen peroxide. I borrowed the One Minute Cure book, and later purchased my own. It was so easy to follow the instructions for using h202 in the book. Easy to understand and put to use. After completeing the initial phase, and now on the maintenance dose, here's what h202 has done for me. Asthma no longer a problem after 30 years, no more use of breathalizers. My trouble with the male BPH problem has just about disapeared, and I have stopped using medication for this. As I am 70 years old, I was beginning to feel the effects of old age forgetfullness, that has all but disapeared. Also in closing, I would like to mention that other then the taste of the diluted h202, I experienced no ill feelings at all. I would hope that anybody trying this procedure has as much luck with it, as I do. Purchase the One Minute Cure book.
  • bwschicago - always useful - highly recommendedthis classic job hunt and career choice how-to is my go-to gift for anyone thinking about changing jobs, careers or just trying to figure out their purpose in life. I give 1-5 of these out as gifts per year and re-read it myself in newer volumes every few years. Get yourself a copy now and do some of the suggested exercises. It will help.
  • Sweetbriar - Relief is so sweetI came across this book doing a search engine for neck pain. It is well written with the most beautiful photographs of people in various cultures sitting, standing, lying as we were intended to do. After the first night of trying stretchlying I obtained considerable relief. More than any yoga, massage or chiropracter has been able to give me. I look forward to continuing improvement and encourage anyone with pain to give this a try. It makes so much sense you'll wonder why you never thought of it before.