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  • E. Danielson - Dad's favorite....I've purchased this calendar for my dad for the past several years. I always buy the calendar and wrap it for him with a label "From Santa". Last year (2012) I got him a "This Day in History" calendar - just to shake things up a bit. When Christmas rolled around he told me that he was going to "write to Santa to tell him I've missed the Jeopardy! calendar all year."

    Guess what dad got under the tree on Christmas day direct from Santa (via Amazon)?? This calendar! (and a Kindle Fire - not sure which was the biggest hit)
  • pShoe - Great TabletI know another iPad2 comparison review, but that is the standard to compare all tablets too. I am an owner of an iPad2 and a TF201. Hands down, I enjoy the TF201 more. More customization, easier user experience, and the build quality is great. I have had zero Wifi issues. The browser experience is not as good as the iPad, but I will update my review if ICS makes a different in that area.
  • Jeffrey A. McGinley - Required reading for Web 2I ordered and read this book based on the recommendation of colleagues and because of the following videos by Clay:
    I'm not a big reader of "business" books, but I read this cover-to-cover in just a few sittings. I am trying to make sense of this whole "Web 2.0" business and this book clarified, for me, the concept and the practical uses of the technology (i.e. it's not just to be able to see pictures of Aunt Clara's kittie).

    The book is filled with real-life stories of how the new social technologies have had real, tangible impacts in modern society.

    This book led me to more reading on Web 2. "Here Comes Everybody" is very much a 40,000 foot view. I followed it up with a much more practical day-to-day guide: Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies
  • Waiting for the End - We would buy it again in a heartbeat!Ok, I have to say first off that I hate working out. Neither my wife or I are one of these sick people that enjoy going to the gym and repeating the same thing over and over, or running (BORING) or anything like that. I studied Karate for about 12 years a long time ago (I'm 43 now) but I haven't actively practiced for about 11 years now and I've been very, very out of shape and overweight. I dropped from 270 to 220-230, but I've been stuck here for a couple years. My wife is very small, and not very strong either. So we're probably fairly representative of the type of people that might be looking at this workout. All I can say is DO IT! I have some ADD issues and get extremely bored and frustrated with repetitive, boring, meaningless action. I lose focus and interest very fast. We are almost through week two and I haven't had any issues. The pace and change are rapid, with no single sequence taking more than 90 seconds of time.

    And I feel GOOD! Exhausted, but GOOD! I would certainly recommend that anyone looking at P90X take the fitness test prior to starting though. Recommended equipment: YogaAccessories 1/4" Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat, and Resistance Bands. A pullup bar (P90X Chin-Up Bar) would be recommended, but if you get a good full set of bands, you can probably get away without it for a while.