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  • Tanais Fox - Has many usesMy wife and I find it adds a certain sparkle to the night time proceedings when used as a flogger in naughty nigh time play (she uses it on me BTW) whilst playing some Billy Joel on the HiFi. It makes the music feel so much more present, as if Billy himself was in the room, his disembodied floating head in the sound stage whispering to me to "take it like his little lady-boy"... this is the sign of a quality interconnect!

    Highly recommended. We are saving up to buy another for insertion next.
  • Marilyn S. Lamonte - Align, lines you properlyJust find Align to be a very good product for digestive tract alignment and good health. So glad my doctor suggested I use this product on a regular, daily basis last year! I find it to be exemplary.

    M. LaMonte
    Tampa, FL
  • North Jersey Steve "photo editor" - Amazing ProductI did some initial research on what will help reduce the "pit stains" on my son's shirts. We tried one deodorant after another. Nothing seemed to work regardless of the amount of his activity. When he would work out for football or lacrosse the pit stains were to the point of uncontrollable. He would even apply antiperspirant several times a day and within an hour - pit stains. We discovered Sweat Block through researching the internet. Even though it sounded as though it would be just another deodorant or antiperspirant, we decided to give it a try. Now after a few months and applying Sweat Block once a week, that's right - once a week, he is pit stain free. I would highly recommend this especially to anyone who has a teenager active in sports.
  • LV "Jack of all trades!" - Miracles!!How do I start? Well, I am 30 years old and since I hit puberty at 12, I only averaged a cycle on average 3-4 times a year. Wasnt sexually active until 22 and was on birth control for 1 year ( from 22-23) which regualted my cycle, but once I stopped the pills my body still wouldnt regulate itself. ( This could be because I was obese) After a gastric bypass when I was 24, I tried the Nuvaring for 6 months, I still couldnt get regular. After realizing that several of my family members had strokes, it started to scare me because of the risk the birth control had as well, so I stopped it. I still didnt get regular. Now that its time to start wanting to coneceive, I didnt want to try any fertility drugs as I dont have hypothroidism, no PCOS or anything. Cant figure why I dont have a cycle. My doctor wanted me to try naturally for at least a year. Well, I had already tried when I was 26-- didnt work!... So that leads me to doing research on natural hormone therapy and I found Fertilaid ( what could be more natural than herbs???). Well, my purchase was on May 11, Received the pills 5 days later and started taking them only twice a day for the 1st week. ( Was too scared that my body would go into shock! lol), then 3 times a day thereafer. Yes, Im a bad pill taker and did forget to take them here and there. Well, as I read that most other women had a cycle, then the next month they were pregnant, thats what I was expecting. I took one test in early June and it was negative. In the meantime, Im doing everything to help conceive,certain positions, keeping my hips up afterwards,watching my diet and excercise. Well, within the past week, my breasts felt a little swollen ( which I NEVER felt before-even whenever I DID have my cycle) and didnt think anything of it. I just thought that was that "feeling" that the pills were starting to work. So, after 1 month of pills, I figured "What the heck" and took a test.... and another... and another... and low and behold ALL THREE WERE POSITIVE!!! Thank you Fertilaid!