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  • D. Tyler - How The USSR CollapsedOne of the most significant and interesting books I have ever read. This book transcends the historical novel genre and reads more like a reportorial accounting. Spufford has captured the essence of Soviet communism and its fatal flaws. The vignette of Khrushchev, deposed and bewildered by it all, seated on a park bench feeding the birds is an unforgettable image of the collapse of Red Russia. Without any reservations at all, I recommend this book to anyone remotely interested in the geopolitics of the later 20th century or the USSR.
  • Delee "Debz" - 1st month regular!I bought this probably a year ago and it has just been sitting in my cabinets because im so bad with taking anything. well i finally started using it because i was so sick of having wacky periods. i started to take it the 1st day of my cycle. and actually i didnt even finish them but let me tell u, i have never had fertility signs in my life! this month i had eggwhite CM and also I ovulated and had a posative OPK. and 30 days later my period came. I know I didnt get pregnant off of it. could be because i didnt BD on my ovulation day but im just happy i got my AF on time. And its funny i dont even have menstral cramps or bloatingness like i usually do. i dont know if it was the pill or what but i love them enough to use them just to get my period on time.
  • Peter R. Wigley - Too many bodies finally!This is the second novel about the secretary to Henry viii. It will be interesting to see how Mantel handles the final volume,because when Cromwell though that he could make an interesting alliance using a person form Germany as Henry's new wife,Henry was not amused and had Cromwell executed. Afterwards it is said that he rued his hurried decision,but too late! The woman in question hung around the court for years,I think she was still around when Henry died.