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  • Enrique Bouchot - Beautiful RuinsI decided to read Beautiful Ruins without reading the plot's description on the sleeve, and I'm glad I did. Because if I had read it, I may not have picked it up since I tend to dislike books with celebrities in the plot.

    So I'll spare you the details, just know that this is a story with a powerful underlying message about the dichotomy of responsibility and desire that spans 5 decades, two continents, and all sorts of characters, from fictional ones to fictional versions of real people. The story is both funny and heartbreaking and easy to read.
  • Tammy - A great tablet for a great price.Got two Kindle Fires on Black Friday at Best Buy for $99. Can't beat the price, especially since they're 16 GB. I bought them for my 7 year old and 5 year old. I especially love the parental control features you can enable to make the whole tablet experience safer for children. They can play their games, watch movies and read books and I can keep my peace of mind.
  • Mick Hale - This big binder is better than my little black bookThe other day my new binder arrived and I must say, it changed my life! The durable cover and well-constructed three rings, allowed me to transfer all the data and addresses crammed into my worn out little black book, neatly organize my information for the first time since I left sixth grade, when Mary Furness did it for me after school one day. But the best surprise was still to come. The very next Friday night I opened my binder, except now instead of pages and pages of phone numbers there were actual women in there!!! All types too!!!! Thank you, Avery! I highly recommend this product to any one looking to improve their Friday night date life!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! If there were a kazillion stars I'd give this Avery bonder a kaziilion stars!
  • Yourwaterguy - They finally got it right.I have used QB for 15 years, most of that time on windows PCs. A few years ago we switched to Mac and therefore to QB for Mac. The Mac version of QB was anemic compared to the windows version. I was not happy with intuit because of all the deficiencies but was madder still at windows (vista was the deal breaker) so we plodded along with QB for Mac trying to keep the grumbling down to a quiet roar. Occasionally I would shoot a complaining email off to them or go on a short rant if I had QB on the phone. On occasion I would unload to anyone in the office who happened to be there. Getting ready for mountain lion I decided to get the new version and swallow the expense. Very glad I did. Every complaint I had was addressed in this new version and even beyond. There are features that are very helpful that I hadn't even considered. I have threatened to switch to another program many times and only now am I happy I didn't.
    Well done intuit.
  • L.BEIN69 "who are these kids and why are they... - Fisher Price Discover 'n Grow Kick and play piano GymI ordered this for my granddaughter for christmas . it's absolutely perfect consider the fact she loves being on the floor playing and kicking her feet. I love the toys overhead and the piano when she kicks makes piano sounds and when she can sit up it converts to a sit up toy piano. yes i would definitely recommend this item .