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  • Schlemazl Beerbaum "(The One)" - Very happy with this little subI am not an audio guy and understand very little in nuances of the sound. To me its at the level of: "wow, THAT sounds much better than this..." - so I can tell the difference between good and not so good, but when it comes to fine points of sound - no clue. I have a 47" Vizio TV which sounded slightly better than my cell phone. Then I bought it a Vizio sound bar (as a gift to my TV last Christmas). The improvement was dramatic. After a year listening to it, I gotten used to the "good" and started to want "better". Especially since watching movies with big sound effects, helicopters and explosions still left much to be desired in the sound department. So I got this 8-in box hoping it will make things better without taking too much room next to the TV stand.

    BIG difference. This sub has only one RCA input on the back and comes with a long RCA cable to connect to an RCA sub out - which is exactly what my Vizio Soundbar had. It has a power button and the volume button. That it. Super easy for guys like me. In under 5 minutes after opening the box I was enjoying a tremendous improvement on sound. It felt like all of a sudden sound acquired depth and dimension and I felt surrounded by it. Adding this sub to a soundbar has as dramatic effect on sound, as adding soundbar to the TV. It took few more minutes playing with the Volume button to get the right balance between the sound level of the bar and the sub.

    Totally worth the money. Exceptionally well priced and solid product.
  • Shaun M. Rust - Elegant and Powerful TabletI bought this in June 2012 used and couldn't be happier. I mostly use this for media. I stream Netflix and Hulu everyday and never have an issue. I also watch video saved to an SD card and encounter no problems with playback. The video quality is great and I get no lag.

    I play some games, especially more graphically intense and never experience any lag or rendering issues. Graphically intense games look stunning on this tablet.

    The HDMI port is great for when I travel. I get to a Hotel room, plug the HDMI into the room tv and watch netflix on the TV.

    The design is elegant and beautiful.

    Battery life is great even after almost a year and a half. I get hours of video playback and days if it's in standby.

    The display is bright and crisp.

    Android updates come through shortly after Google releases them.

    Currently running Jelly Bean and use of the OS is flawless. Before this I had an iPad 2 which I liked. Having owned the Transformer Prime, I would never go back.

    This tablet is the perfect device to show how the Android OS can shine. Being a two year old model, it shows no sign of being outdated. Spec wise, it's still comparable to any modern devices being released.
  • M. P. Adams - Pretty cool vac!Never thought I would be excited about a vacuum cleaner after all it's just a vacuum cleaner but it is indeed pretty cool. First it is the quietest cleaner I have ever used. It is simple to use and really works well with pet hair. The only negative is that it must be emptied because it does not store much. This of course is not really a negative just something you must get used to. Overall I am pleased. I'll let you know how I feel in a few months.
  • gcstein511 - Great book, couldn't put it down.This book articulated many of the feelings I had as a Christian and recent college graduate (excited to work but hated the materialism that is so predominant in today's culture). This book would help anyone, at any age, to refocus their lives on Christ. I wish I had read it with friends or co-workers. I definitely plan on reading it again.