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  • Steel - Game ChangerI didn't realize how much my life would change, once I received my 3W1M t-shirt. I immediately put on the shirt and walked over and looked in my hallway mirror. There was a faint glow/aurora around my body; I felt an odd sensation flowing through my veins. The magical powers of the wolves and moon have taken over.
    I felt energy and a pep in my step that I haven't had in years. I went down to my basement and dusted off my gym equipment and started working out. 30 minutes later I was still not out of breath but yearning for more to do. It was like I was Jason Statham in one of his non-stop action movies.
    The next day I went to work wearing my 3W1M shirt secretly under my collared shirt. Normally, people don't greet me when I walked through the office, but today people went out of their way to say good morning...especially women.
    At lunch I took the Metro (subway) to get something to eat, while leaving the station a Metro worker came up to me and commented how young and nice I looked. I have seen her at the station in the past, but she never said a word to me. The 3W1M t-shirt is the real deal.
    Just before I headed home for the day, I decided to swing by Starbucks for a drink on the road. I ordered my typical Grande Americano with Carmel, but when I got to the register, the barista gave me a wink and said it was on the house. I never get that type of attention, unlike my fellow co-workers who are Gold Members.
    So far I have no complaints with the 3W1M t-shirt. My only advice is, "Keep your shirt on and keep reaching for the stars. Stay classy people."
  • Tyler Hartman "Thanks, Tyler!" - iPad Mini Review from a non apple fanboy..iPad Mini Review from a non apple fanboy, As the title says! I've used Apple and Android cell phones, tablets, windows and apple Computers and (Linux). I'm very pleased with my purchase of the iPad Mini, It's everything I wanted and nothing I didn't. It's cheaper then the full sized one, it's smaller, it's easy to hold, theres tons of apps like with all iOS Devices, The battery lasts a good amount of time, the screen is very bright, the speakers are well built in ones but at that there very good, I'd recommend buying the Apple smart cover it makes that iPad you bought that much better, I've had it since day one and it's an amazing combo. I'm able to protect it, keep it apple clean and stylish, and it folds into a stand, and it unlocks it and locks it when closed and open. I'm Very happy, also I know it doesn't have a retina display but the picture is still very good, I'm comparing this to the my Previous Kindle fire, I know I know this going to be harsh but the kindle feels like a kids tablet but I guess you get what you pay for I got my kindle fire in 2012 mothers day special for 139.99$ that being said it's quite a bit more for the iPad, i'd rather work more and buy the iPad Mini that's how big of a difference I feel there is.


    I have to say I bought my iPad mini 16GB black from an Third Party eBay seller, because amazons price was higher and that's the only shame in this that amazon almost wants you to buy there tablet and keeps the apple jacked up maybe that isn't the case, but how it looks.
  • Al Kantner - Office for MacAs a former PC User and Microsoft Office 2003,2007 and 2010 Versions I found this product to be exactly as anticipated and pleased to be using a product on my Mac that works as well what I have been using in the past on my PC. The functions I am use to work every bit as good on the Mac platform as Windows 7.
  • DJ "Tracer76" - I have used Webroot for years now.I have used webroot spysweeper back in the day. Now with Secure anywhere its a bit more protection. It does not interferer with my online gaming and you can turn the fire wall off at any time. Got this for $12.95 at the time can install up to 3 PC which is great. Install is quick considering that its only 15MB to the HDD. It will scan for viruses upon install. Check all running programs as well.
  • Richard P. - I bought my PS4 for $438 at best buy brand newI bought my PS4 at bestbuy for $438 I don't understand why these people are trying to sell it for freaking $700-1,000 I mean that kind of dumb but anyways I love my PS4 and it's a great system it has lots of good features and has great graphics with great feeling to it the only down side to havering a PS4 is the over heating but I got that problem taking care of by using my laptop fan cooler haha so it doesn't over heat as much but yeah you should buy it it's a great product and you will not regret buying it