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  • Hoosiergirl "readingmaniac" - Outstanding Story......This book was awesome. I read her other genre, in which she writes as J.R. Ward (she has in print Dark Lover, and Lover Eternal, so far) Found out she writes as Jessica Bird in contemporary, and I was SOOOOOOOO glad to find this out! This story is so moving, I fell in love with the story by the end of the 1st chapter.

    He doesn't want to love her, she's rich, glamorous, and out of his league. Little does he know that she fits into his league and into his life just fine. Very realistic story.

    I don't feel you'll be disappointed at all!!!!!!! A+++++! Way to go Jessica!
  • T. Thomas - Amazing BookIt was eye opening to see the two different medical text drawings of what a normal spine looked like in 1911 compared to the drawing of what was considered a normal spine in the 1990 medical text. Gokhale makes a very convincing argument that our culture has forgotten what some traditional cultures do naturally. I'm hoping to be able to correct my own posture and minor back pain issues before they get worse by following her recommendations. I've ordered the DVD as well because though the pictures are clear I think actually watching people do this under her guidance might be even clearer. If I could afford it, I'd take her course.
  • Sarah Jacobs - Short, useful, practical, and attention-holdingThis was a fantastic book! What I loved about The Energy Bus is that I could easily understand the principles AND how to apply them.
    I had assumed that because the book was a fictional story it would not be very useful. I was very wrong! The fictional format helped me to understand the concepts in a much more thorough way because the book turned into one big example. I read a lot of books and think, "That sounds like a great concept - but what would this look like in my daily life?" In The Energy Bus, each principle gets a whole day in the main character's life. While there is a lot compacted into this poor character's life, I had a lot of application questions answered. In addition, I think the fiction made the principles more memorable.
    The two main things I appreciated about The Energy Bus are how the author defines positive energy and the practicality of what this change will look like. I feel like positive energy is usually misinterpreted to mean a perky-cheery, fake persona. That is NOT how the book talks about positive energy! Getting on the energy bus means making conscious choices about how to react to the circumstances everyone encounters. As far as what the change will look like, Mr. Gordon addresses the "after" that comes with any lifestyle change. Whenever someone tries to make a lifestyle change, there is always big challenge or multiple challenges that test the strength of that decision. When George (the main character) makes the decision to turn things around in his life, he meets what we all do: resistance and hurdles. The book addresses the challenges, too, not just the front-end changes.
    Besides the great practical principles this book gives - The Energy Bus was a good story. The characters were fun to read about and I enjoyed seeing how George got to turn his life around.
    I would highly recommend this book!