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  • David Elkins - Wool - you won't gather it reading this novelThis is the first book I've read by this author. I was really impressed. He wove a fascinating story with multiple believable characters, a tight plot with plenty of suspense, and had a superb command of evocative language. There was sufficient believability to his imagined future to really hook this reader. Needless to say, I will be reading a good bit more of his work. Superb!
  • Sara Ann Brooks - Medical Transcriptionist MUST-Have.Now I translate thru Dragon for deaf students in medical classes. I like a quick look-up, then put into my ever-increasing Dragon vocab.
    Madison, WI
  • The Philosopher - Phenomenal book.This is a fantastic book. I have read "The Game" and "Double Your Dating" and "Mystery Method" as well as some others on the topic of meeting and attracting women.

    Most are good and you will no doubt learn something, but this book is different. It teaches you all the finer points of traditional "game" (outter game), but more importantly it teaches you become the best you you can become. It changes your outlook and perspective completely and for the better. You will have an easy time reaching your highest levels of confidence with the guidance of this book.

    It's lengthy but it's hands down the best book on the subject I've yet to read. This book should be given to every man at the age of 16.
  • richard b. stewart - This upgrade makes my 2012, 60E8000 Plasma work like I expected.Last year when I purchased my 60" Plasma I was very happy with the picture quality and 3-D, however, the 'smart' functions left much to be desired. The speed and other functions were not as I had expected.
    The SEK-1000/ZA solved the short comings, now I an completely happy with my Smart TV.
    This upgrade is well worth the price, buy it!
  • Matthew W. Quinn - the unleashing of the beastI find it appropriate to write a review at this time being the 30th anniversary of it's release. Released in January 1977, Animals became the product of post Dark Side studio sessions. The two songs which did not make it to Wish You Were Here were "Gotta Be Crazy" and "Raving and Drooling". Gotta be Crazy would become "Dogs" and Raving and Drooling would become "Sheep". In retrospect, Animals would become the Floyd's answer to a changing music scene that would witness the birth of Punk Rock and Disco. Pink Floyd were neither. What they produced was some of their finest work. This is musically the most intense album they ever made. Think of Animals like a sandwich - pigs on the wing being the two slices of thin bread and the dogs, pigs, and sheep being the "meat". Roger Waters based this album on the George Orwell (1984) book Animal Farm.

    Pigs on the Wing (1&2)- one and a half minute simple songs with acoustic guitar compliments. Apparently they were love songs written by Roger Waters to his wife. Basic theme being that you need someone else with you in this journey called life. Always keep an eye out for society's pigs.

    Dogs - the most classical Floyd song on the album. Written by Roger Waters and David Gilmour (the only one not written soly by Waters). Once again Gilmour provides brilliant guitar and vocals. Water's lyric writing is exceptional. Wright's hammond organ is also great. I do prefer Dave's voice to Roger's but both are good in their own way. The main lyrical theme is that the dog's are the hard working ones who basically do the dirty work for the pigs and will work at all costs to make it to the top. In the end the dog finds out that he's a stranger in his own home and was merly a puppet in the hands of the pigs. Even though the dog has come to this realization he keeps pretending that everything is as it should be. The dogs fate is to ultimatly be dragged down by the stone (or maybe the weight of his own importance). 17 minutes

    Pigs - musically probably the hardest floyd song ever. Apparently Roger and Dave traded instruments on this song (Dave on bass and Roger on Guitar). A mouth-guitar devise was used in the solo on pigs instead of the standard guitar ( a devise that would not be used again until Keep Talking on Division Bell). Rick's keyboards, along with Nick Mason's drums were used to hold the beat. Water's directly attacks a Journalist ( Mary Whitehouse ) as a "house proud town mouse trying to keep peoples feelings off the street. The other person under attack is a "bus stop rat bag who radiates cold shafts of broken glass". To this day I am not sure what that means. The other person under attack is the "well - heeled big wheel" who in my opinion exuberates in others a feeling of cynicism with his hand on his heart. In these three verses Water's ultimately breaks them down to their pig like nature ( "head down in the pig been sayin' keep on diggin" ). They're all nearly a laugh but they're really a cry. The song ends with a perfectly fitting loud and intense guitar solo ( most likely from Dave ). 11 minutes

    Sheep - a mild opening with an organ solo done extremely well by Richard Wright. This gives way to a screaming rave by Roger which ends in him either holding his breath for a long time or help from their equipment or both. This finally merges into a haunting jam invoving fast bass strumming, bleating sheep, erie keyboards, and a sonic voice rendition of Water's version of the 24th Psalm. It then breaks into the final verse of the song followed by an optomistic guitar solo by Gilmour. The lyrical theme is that the sheep ( after harmlessly passing their time in the grassland away) have become fed up with their lot in life and decide to do something about it ( wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream ). But ultimately they have to stay home and do as their told and stay out of the road if they wanna grow old. 10 minutes

    Most of the vocals on this album are sung by Roger Waters. He also wrote all the lyrics. Waters is a great talent in his own right. I recommend this to anyone who has heard "the Wall" but not much else. I also recommend it to anyone familiar with the Floyd catalog but for some strange reason missed Animals. Remember that the pigs are watching you and things are not always what they seem.